I was really inspired by the art of kokorobot.ca/ and so I made a skin for our game as an ode to Rekka's work. Follow us on FB if you like what we are up to: facebook.com/tallnum mastodon.cloud/media/YH7kiHru2

Lorbus (www.lorbus.com) usually produces incredible forniture but this time he made an amazing art for our up-coming puzzle game Tallnum -
this was one hell of a collaboration, and there are other 4 artists on board! Updates are coming our FB: facebook.com/tallnum mastodon.cloud/media/69mG5f_g_

So anyone here does ? or ? I wonder how meaningful is Mastodon for those

I guess it is time to try this place and start posting our upcoming and other stuff here? Wonder if gifs work. mastodon.cloud/media/3FnTz8fmI


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