organon, meet Pleased to meet you, you can call me "organon"

There should probably be a better way to migrate an identity from an overloaded instance to another. I think I shall go invent one.

But I am also getting HTTP 500 errors from this server, so overload is a trong possibility @nirak

@nirak I don't even see my own photo; I suspect we are "doing it wrongly" as I see a goodly number of photos in the federated timeline.

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@nirak Changed OS and browser and am adding a photo of my own because now I'm just curious. Still no dog photo.

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How many mastodons does it take to screw in a light bulb?

Two. But it needs to be a very large, and very old, light bulb.

I never tweeted, I don't nosebook, I geeplussed for a couple of days. I've heard of photogram, snorpchat, and veins, but couldn't tell you much more than "they exist".

I have now concluded that was all cognitive self-defense as I fear I will dream a federated timeline tonight. I should have listened to @cassolotl while I still had free will.

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After reading up on US political news today (no specifics, so no need for CW) I'm struck as usual by the underlying theme:
At the least, Boomers and GenXers (I'm GenX) are, in general, the most short-sighted subcultures in our national history.
Seriously. Our collective horizon is, like, about 3 months out. Anything more remote is virtually invisible.

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The Notifs + Following (Home) + Local + Federated structure of Mastodon is better at turning up ... well, /stuff/. Relevance tends to fall as I sweep across that, and I'd /really/ like some useful Search or topical functionality. But I've found some great conversations (from my side at least, not sure if I'm infoblasting / annoying the other halves) in the past couple of days, and signs of a fairly well-established community bearing up mostly cheerfully under a flood of newcomers. This is good.

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I just went on twitter and straight away got an ad and instantly I got excited that I could come on here and I wouldn't have to deal with that shit

I am reminded of the birth of the MUD concept when everybody thought it would be nifty to set up their own server. If memory serves, the rush settled down to a smallish set of devoted operators in short order to the benefit of all.

I never really MUDed, just thought the trend interesting. The desire I had yesterday to fire up my own instance which vanished by the time I woke prompted me to think on this.

@pomological word has it that not only are you a bot, but the tootin'-fruitinest bot. I'm skeptical.

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