3.5k packages to be installed to fill the gasp between Fedora 30 and Fedora 31. I am super excited about this (as always)!

Let's reboot to Fedora 31, GS 3.34

Creating somethign made me always fun and as I was responsible for developing new LDAP server as sysadmin I've noticed, that friendly LDAP Browsing tool is missing. Well, I just started and using GNOME Builder with Glade UI Editor makes GTK development little bit easier. Few screenshots from WIP

has far from ideal IDE, but it is already enjoyable and nice way of spending rainy saturday. Looking for next great upgrades!

People on the internate have the very same feeling. Why is LDAP so complicated, especially after 7 years, 3 company names changes, 2 organization changes, etc.

Having fun with DNS, Let's encrypt, dynamic zone changes, etc. We need to rethink our infrastructure. But the good point is that we have free juice here!

Cold front is here. No more rain, just 8 °C and beautiful morning in Berlin.


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