Meeting great people, who are really good at their occupation. Possibility of drinking good beer and having small talk with awesome and clever folks in . That's what is. Thanks for it :)

I and @mirek are the only ones tooting from , a conference about open things. Sad. Looks like I'll have to do a talk on next year :P

Since last update has made a huge step. Even GTK Apps can be really nice.

Cold front is here. No more rain, just 8 °C and beautiful morning in Berlin.

RT Started landing various Glade tweaks for our usage in Builder. Looking forward to getting code/designer integration working soon.


After months of hard work by our operations and marketing teams - we have an awesome new website! Check us out at - You can still pre-order our Librem 5 phones see for our latest update on our phones. #BePure

Notice for script kiddies. The character "[" is a program! His origin is in /usr/bin/, have a look on output of "whereis [".

Fridays are always nice, people happy with good mood. Some french folks paid our wordpress a bruteforce visit, but we are still here. Keep rolling on.

to get community engagement, 50% is the communication and 50% to have a good project

some people just deny the second 🥺

If you are migrating away from Google+, this can be usefull. Read your Google+ data from

Zdravíme Mastodon! Na tomto účtu můžete sledovat novinky ze světa linuxové distribuce #Fedora v češtině.

Sad thing is that gifs dont work in the Toot client. :(

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