I have applied a domain block of type silence with reject_media toggled on to pawoo.net, because of increasing reports of loli content.

This type of domain block is not yet exposed from admin UI, so I'll probably follow up with an explanation on how to do it, but if you're an instance admin you can just use the "suspend" option for a nuclear solution to the problem.

I also intend to open up a GitHub issue for discussion about content caching strategies.

@pixiv Hey! I hope you realize this is not personal. In the west, loli content is not acceptable in most places. Do you intend to moderate it in the future, or will you keep allowing it on your instance?


Local timelineのこのカオスな感じ、懐かしいな。たまたま知った面白いユーザーフォローとかしてた。

皆さんは覚えていますか……? Wassrのことを。Jaikuのことを。Amebaなうのことを。mixiエコーのことを。


@okadaic@mstdn.social @okadaic@mastodon.blue @okadaic@mstdn.social

なんか体感だとcloudが一番安定してない? 通知がちゃんと来るってだけか……。

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(※これは最初に .blue で投稿した発言。インスタンスをまたいで複数アカウントを行き来することにあまり意味はなさそうなので、統合するテスト)

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Everybody's discussing about what to toot, but my conclusion is quite clear. For a decade I've desired to make my Twitter account multilingual and couldn't, just because of the 140 limit. Then I prefer to tweet in Japanese, more than in English. By using an ideographic language, it's almost worth as 140 WORDS, not characters. But 500 characters allow me to post as a bilingual. Makes sense.

🇯🇵 日本人自分が立てるインスタンス(mstdn.jp)ならどうでもいいですけど。サーバーがドイツにあるmastodon.socialはガイドラインちゃんと(英語で)書いてるから、日本人ユーザーがそれをかかっててアカウントを作ったかことこそが心配です。

🇺🇲 What I worry about is Japanese users on mastodon.social don't understand it's based in Germany and has a set of rules. This will only breed trouble in the future.

First time toot through @cloud. Something weird happening to my account profile...?
blueから来ました。複数アカウント間でプロフィール編集かなんかの齟齬が起きてない? まだまだ試運転という感じだな。


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