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I try to help but can't the flags get him and fold around him, ensnaring him - as he is consumed I wake up with the song Heimlische aufmarsch stuck in my head. ( ) as screamed and sung by the crumpled folds of red fabric that once was Ernst.

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Weird comic in short based on recurring dream: I have a fever dream about Ernst Busch (the DDR national trubadeur of sorts), only to realize he needs my help. Ernst only speaks German that I understand for some reason.
The red flags are haunting him and he needs to escape. It's not clear WHY they do that or how, but the flags have folds and the folds have shadows and the shadows are what the Stasi is.

That way the dude will back off, terrefied that he has offended a dude instead of told off a woman.

I think I will sell about 2-4 million units in the first year, then levelling out for the next two years. Any investors!?

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(I have a fever from hell right not and Im a bit weird in the skull)

I am designing a loose penis for ladies to wear to avoid mansplainers, I call it "Anti-mansplaining detachable declarative dick". Within its silicone housing is a speaker, a single board computer, a button and a battery.
When someone tells you that even though you're an expert at a subject they know better than you, due to their penis, a lady press the button and the speaker screams out "I AM A MASSIVE SCHLONG! I AM RIGHT!"

Thank you again (also when are you coming back to Gothenburg?) now to get to work and also watch some more Star Trek while I do it

Mastodons layout really is... "not good". Tiny tiny TINY columns which leaves a huge gap on the right of my screen.

I mean it could have filled the entire width and added margins but instead its cramped difficult to read text next to another block of cramped text.

Today, today will be a productive day! 08:45 and onward I want no distractions internet, you hear me? NONE!

So sit still and no talking while I do some work, ok?

Ugh - trying to get monday going and start doing work... and the brain... the brain doesn't agree...

The lack of spirit, wanderlust and fascination are for example completely removed as possible motivations in assumed users.
Instead efficiency compliancy and norms are used as the only relevant metric

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I want to write about the conflict between the romantic and modernist school of city planning and how they connect to interaction and UI design.
How the current ideals are very clearly one sided modernist and the drawbacks associated with that stand point

Also relevant is how guilt-laden it is to talk about. Not for yourself, but for others.

There is a culture of being "aware of mental health" which is nonsense and guilts people who don't have mental health issues into thinking they should know what it's like which is like demanding that people who haven't had a broken leg can imagine what it's like in detail.

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Or why the hurt they feel for not being informed is also part of why you keep not informing them.

As if getting away from the cast on your broken leg demanded you lept over hurdles for a 100m dash....

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Greatest difficulty with mental collapses is trying to explain to people WHY you didn't "just tell them" you had a mental collapse.
Why your social phobia prevented you from socially informing them of the issues with your social phobia.

Mental health stuff is so damn tricky to explain I wish I could just go "I had a broken bone, but in my brain" to explain why your brain doesn't work properly.

Well @twitter I now can't log into ANY device except this one third party app. Well played. When those text message verifications don't get sent everything collapses

Goddamnit twitter ... If you're gonna have verification codes at least make sure the system is working. I'm now locked out of most of my devices

The fact that Magnetic Fields is basically all about the story telling and the twists is another factor I suppose

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"Papa was a rodeo" is the absolutely best love song ever written. I had forgotten it but was reminded again today and now I'm stuck relistening to it sniffing back tears on the tram.
For all those from weird vagrant like homes who felt like falling in love wasn't ment for them... but it was. Ugh so damn good.

Why isn't there more male pin-up scifi images in 50's style? Do I have to do them myself?

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