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So trying to figure out how to post from computer to both Mastodon and Twitter for a while helped me with android... now to figure out computer too

So we all understand: Taboo is just about some dude mumbling and trying to be cryptic. Right? Or is there an angle I missed?

Just did a search for "why did Robert De Niro do the movie Heist?". It's one of the worst movies I have seen. Awkward level bad.

Swapping out stuff in my PC and it's so complex that I have started talking to myself and in English. Southern US English. No i don't know y

The calm in the park broken by a very very heavy set middleaged man on a sports bike peddling by playing Guns & Roses ballads at max volume

Swedish early autumn... and the cafe in my local park <3

"If she had said one more thing about non-violence I would have punched her in the face"

I keep flickering back and forth between mastodon and twitter right now - which is odd. I never used twitter before I used Mastodon.

Uy ok so laptop-buying-first-world-massive-problems. Will buy a new laptop before the old one becomes a hindrance more than anything - the Dell XPS 13 9360 with Iris 640 graphics seems to be the thing I will go for... its just that thing where you hover over the "buy" button and your mind is racing concerning all that money... Current laptop is at this point almost 4 years of service.

In Granada and as usual on vacation me and husband will do laundry. We've done it in Paris, Berlin, New York and Toronto. Simply pack a little less and go to a laundromat mid vacation.
We did it first out of necessity and then realised that that is the best thing on any holiday. You meet people in a not ritualised situation where "you the tourist" is less of a thing.
Grab a book and the laundry and off you go

In Madrid ... it's 35-40 degrees and I'm dying. The idea that I would be able to work during my visit was optimistic.
For reference: where I'm from 25 degrees during summer is a heatwave.
If you see a swede sweating like a cold water bottle, lying in the street, that's me. Help

"I shouldn't BE married" (since I am already... I can only assume their suggestion is that I should divorce my husband for some insane imaginary reason)

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Yay another straight boy telling me that I shouldn't marry because HE thinks that its my job to not marry since "marriage is wrong".

If you share that beliefe - don't marry and tell all or stfu and don't reserve it to LGBT-people who now need to be your sacrifice for this "glorious crusade" or whatever you think. Why are these boys always 20-something naive fools btw? I suppose they have to be as to not have reality and human nature cloud their boyish little minds.

Ugh the early signs of anxiety before the travel sets in, sudden sensations of not being able to breath etc, confusion and all of that.

Be prepared that from Tuesday and onward that is essentially what I will be posting about.

So if you like brilliant s UA is the thing for you

Reading through Unknown Armies 3rd ed. Still the same amazing game and one of the best written and nicest horror games ever. Even the trigger warning is inspiring, not to mention the combat chapters preface from 2nd that luckily still remain. Just awesome

@Siphonay I've never thanked you for teaching me the phrase "edgelord" weeks ago - but thank you. Finally a word to put on all those annoying people :D

That feeling when you want to recommend a sex toy shop and give it five stars on Facebook but can't because your parents generation of family would misunderstand. here in Gothenburg... daaaamn that was a nice, feminist, bright and kinkyAF-for-all kinda place

Hey remember that word beginning with C that everyone keeps jabbering on about while Antarctis is slowly melting?

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