@mhall119 @colomar@fosstodon.org
Gah digging through this as we speak. :)

@mhall119 @colomar@fosstodon.org
Yeah will have to do a round-up of the people I want with me
The issue is that I would mostly use the federated timeline
(Also you cant follow Gnusocial accounts from there for some reason, although that may be just me)

My problem is mainly that I have certain things outside of FOSS I like to keep tabs on, plus restarting an account.... gah
(I snagged @ohyran of course anyway :) )
I'll check into it, btw is there someway to track GNU social accounts too?

@colomar@fosstodon.org but I already have this...?

I haven't been able to connect to Mastodon cloud from home in months... For some damn reason (the Gothenburg city net have caused issues before)

So if I'm quiet that is the only reason

It's summer. I'm kinda drunk. I bought a wagon for the bike. I want to roam around the country committing acts of eco terrorism now

Ah, now I get it... #solarPunk is like #steamPunk, except powered by Sun, not coal. Cool, I'm into it!

@Wayves Choose the life of a certified accountant: ADVENTURE, ROMANCE, TAX LAWS everything a young person want from life!

@Wayves why not choose both and become a "certified accountant"?

@shellkr@mstdn.io Ok threw it in there as an example of what it can be IRL thank you <3

@wilkie They are AWESOME please don't ... stop ... drawing .... floppy disks


Hmmm see there is one problem there and that is being TOO "put your fists up and fight" and I want to be a bit mellow about it... but something like that, good idea

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