One day mouse acceleration can actually be turned off for mice on Linux (ACTUALLY turned off).

That day is the day my Windows partition is gone for good. It will be a great day

@ohyran you can do it, you just can't do it from Gnome settings panel.


Not to the level needed (the create a new Xorg profile doesn't cut it) BUT you can in theory meassure it, and tweak it but it requires rulers and IRL stuff and is an insane amount of hassle that may be slightly off still.

@teslas_moustache @ohyran

That's the one yeah. It works for shooter games where muscle memory isn't as critical and aiming is less complex :/

@ohyran I was thinking you could write that script, and set it as a start up application, so it's just always on.

@ohyran I just went and adjusted my mouse acceleration and it seemed to work. Admittedly, I could only take it down to 0.1, and not zero, so I guess it was not ACTUALLY turned off, but it's certainly not as bad as you seem to imply. Are you just looking for an excuse to keep Windows?

@arjaybe @ohyran 0.1 makes the game sadly meaningless to play (google awp flick shot to explain why 0.1 is not at all usable)

As someone who have worked for years in open source and only turns on Windows when I two nights a week play csgo with the same team I don't see why someone would excuse it? It's rubbish for everything BUT this one single thing that I so far can't replicate

@ohyran 0.1 was in KDE. When I tried in XFCE it went to zero and the pointer did not accelerate at all. I don't know what a flick shot is supposed to be, but I do know that it is possible to achieve zero mouse acceleration in Linux.

@arjaybe @ohyran but maybe you're just looking for excuses to hear your own voice even I subjects you know nothing about?

@arjaybe 1) I am sick 2) there is just waaaaaay too much of the "well actually" attitude in Open Source.

Lets be honest here, you have no idea what you are talking about. You havent mentioned a flat accerlation rate. You haven't even talked about the issues with how mouse control is handled on X. Further you don't even seem to understand WHY someone wants zero mouse acceleration.

It's like someone talking about temperatures towards "absolute zero" and you popping in going "I HAVE A FRIDGE!"

@arjaybe And finally - this "Are you just looking for an excuse to keep Windows?"

The most smug addendum to a stranger on a subject you don't master. So THAT'S why I am "crabby", to restate:
1) You are smug and condescending
2) You don't even understand the fundamentals of what you're talking about
3) But you like to pretend you do

So what you call "crabby" I would like to call "calling you out on your bad behavior"

@arjaybe I am sure you are a lovelly person and also quite smart had this been IRL we would have gotten along grand.

But it's not.

@arjaybe sry for spamming.... I really do want to restate that I am not sarcastic when I say I 100% certain you are a great person. This is not in question.

And I want you to see this as a free card to call me out when I say something bad to you in the future.

@ohyran Obviously I misunderstood you. Please explain what you mean by mouse acceleration if it's not the cursor speeding up as you move it.

I bid you to do a search if you're interested of the subject. If not interested that's fine too.

@ohyran How can I search on something that's in your head? But if you're trying to back out of the discussion, that's fine too.

@arjaybe This is not a discussion dude... you basically want to cherry pick information AND you want me to supply it for you. :D

Look are you interested? Then google/DDG/whatever the issue if you want, there is a possible fix that is looking good and if this matters to you (which lets face it, it doesn't) I can tell you if it does when I've tested it and then you too can play FPS games with your brother and friends two days a week for a few years as a way to keep in touch across continents.

@ohyran Okay, I think what you're saying is you want to turn off mouse acceleration so you can play games, but you can't. I'm saying I can, but you don't believe me. I think this is what people call an impasse.

I searched "linux mouse acceleration" and found many solutions, both by editing config files and by GUI. GNOME just added the GUI method recently, but XFCE has had it for years.

What DE are you using?

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