Greatest difficulty with mental collapses is trying to explain to people WHY you didn't "just tell them" you had a mental collapse.
Why your social phobia prevented you from socially informing them of the issues with your social phobia.

Mental health stuff is so damn tricky to explain I wish I could just go "I had a broken bone, but in my brain" to explain why your brain doesn't work properly.

Or why the hurt they feel for not being informed is also part of why you keep not informing them.

As if getting away from the cast on your broken leg demanded you lept over hurdles for a 100m dash....


Also relevant is how guilt-laden it is to talk about. Not for yourself, but for others.

There is a culture of being "aware of mental health" which is nonsense and guilts people who don't have mental health issues into thinking they should know what it's like which is like demanding that people who haven't had a broken leg can imagine what it's like in detail.

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