For those of you who are young: trust me, middle age is amazing!
You are basically more mellow, things don't shock you as much and you can let shit go easier.

Also: the plague, a stagnation of technological progress and a recurring mongol invasion.
(Old joke that had to be said)

@ohyran yes! I turned 30 last year, and well. I'm definitely a different more calm person

@ohyran may I ask how old you are? I am about to be 31 and things aren't getting any easier or more mellow. Then again, I'm a chronically ill, severely disabled, and mentally ill person so...maybe that's the "problem?" Heh.

@ohyran Well up to the point where things start inexplicably hurting. For instance, knees.

@dadegroot Oh I used to work in a warehouse for stones and slates - I already got that :)
But yeah that can be a bummer - being suddenly weaker than you assume.

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