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Just so you guys know Team KDE takes Klovis! (this makes us all sound like some kind of Westside Story style gang - lets have a dance off!)

@ohyran so I shouldn't buy

@snwh @ohyran And miss out on all that sweet KDE cash when you sell it for $1mm?

@snwh @mhall119
Wth I go to bed and you both conspire behind my back for all my cash... I mean "kash"?
Prepare to have that westside story styled danceoff...

@ohyran @snwh When you're a GNOME you're a GNOME all the way

Jens Reuterberg @ohyran

@mhall119 @snwh If one of us start singing "America" now we got a proper dance off.
Me: "Creating UI with Qt is soo nice"
You: "Enforcing C++ makes you think twice"

@ohyran @mhall119 thanks, now that's in my head this morning.

@snwh @mhall119
"Psychological warfare from K-D-E,
we hack the mind of the Eh-Ne-My
'How many lights CAN YOU SEE?'
Death from within with K-D-E"