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This week on Pentagonal, @ocdtrekkie & @chosafine have a final sign off to Equihax, take a drive into KRACK, 𝓚ℜᵃ𝑪𝓚 make fun of Amazon Key, 🗝 make fun of Android, 🐱 and we make fun of Facebook 🕶.

Now official: The Windows 10 free upgrade ends December 31st, 2017. Get upgraded or get left behind.

Facebook just had a popup when I went there to poll how much I agree or disagree with the statement "Facebook cares about it's users". LOL

"In its proposal, Sidewalk also said that Toronto would need to waive or exempt many existing regulations in areas like building codes, transportation, and energy in order to build the city it envisioned. The project may need “substantial forbearances from existing laws and regulations,” the group said."

Google is so bad at security that two ROM vendors have now beaten them to fixing KRACK... Despite Google knowing about it months earlier. Let that sink in.

"Google's designers are almost as good at design as Equifax is at security." Thank you Slashdot commenters for this gem.

Bet nobody expected to ever see Microsoft Edge on Android and iOS. o_o

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