I've canceled my $1 Patreon pledges. Taking a 35% price increase for creators to get an extra nickel isn't acceptable, and the only way Patreon will figure that out is if people don't pay it.

@ocdtrekkie Sadly that looks like the case, I really wish they thought about what this would do before pulling that on creators and supporters.

@theviperbitesyou Their Q&A article makes it clear they knew exactly how bad this would go down. They pre-answered that creators couldn't opt out, and let patrons know they can cancel if they don't like it.

I'm sure a bean counter there decided the cancellation losses would pale to their increased profits.

@ocdtrekkie I mean, I get why most Patreons have the $1 option (to support when you don't have the cash), but it's practically meaningless in terms of what they get. $2 minimum would be better.

@jordanjay29 Like a quarter of Patreon funding comes from $1 donations. It stacks up.

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