If you use Chrome, Google can use a network protocol for tracking and ad delivery that can't be seen or blocked by extensions. TL;DR: You really shouldn't use a web browser made by an ad company.

"AdBlock Plus, uBlock Origin, and other extensions cannot block QUIC requests. Recommended best practice is to disable QUIC from the chrome://flags/ URL."


@Endo I am probably switching back to Firefox fully. But Edge is fine if you shut off literally every single tiny bloody option Microsoft has to sync or share data with them.

@ocdtrekkie There is a cost to building software. Everyone wants it for free. To drive costs down, a lot of data is necessary (even if you don't sell it).

You can pay more money if you want.

@Endo The loss of your privacy is a cost too high.

@ocdtrekkie Why does Firefox get a pass? It does a lot of the same things and sells user traffic as well.

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