Nuvola 4.16 reintroduces scrobbling, adds new service Ivoox, comes with updated Adwaita GTK theme and brings other bug fixes and improvements.

Nuvola Repository PGP key needs to be updated on your system if you see errors "GPG signatures found, but none are in trusted keyring." See updated for the fix.

Nuvola 4.14 Released

Nuvola 4.14 was released. It brings two new services (Tidal and MentorFM), a few user-visible changes, upgrades the library stack (Chromium and GNOME Platform) and continues the quest to improve the quality of the entire codebase.

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Nuvola 4.13 released. This announcement summarizes user-visible changes as well as important news for script maintainers and third-party packagers. More at:

Nuvola 3 to Reach EOL on December 31. Continue reading this article on Nuvola News blog:

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