Just a quick observation: choose your instances of Mastodon carefully. I'm on two right now, and the Local Timeline on one is like trying to drink from a fire hose. Federated timeline is just a blur of Japanese toots ripping by.

@nothingfuture I joined on .cloud & have just signed up to .social as it opened back up. Is it worth being on multiple instances or concentrate on one?

@ChristianMcM I dunno, really. Hard to tell. I fell as though a tightly focused instance could be really useful, and a wider audience instance could be good, too (for different reasons...). I'm on .social and .xyz, and they are each very different places. I wish there were better ways to keep track of multiples (besides tabs in a browser...)

@nothingfuture Agreed. I think making it easier to keep track of multiples must be high on the list of requests. More admin capability around moving between instances would be very useful.

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