Also: after using tweetdeck for so long, this web-based interface feels... cramped. Any apps (osx) out there I should check out? (Already running Amaroq on m' fone)

@nothingfuture have you figured out if you can switch between instances on Amaroq?

@bethgrangersays Yes- got that one. So that's good (if, I suppose, I ever need to...) Sticking with one instance, for now (unless there's a compelling reason to start switching...)

@bethgrangersays Sorry! Totally misread your message. No- I don't think you can (minus the junky logout -> login method). (I still have no compelling reason to switch instances, but that's me assuming the instance I'm on is stable- maybe I shouldn't).

@nothingfuture I'm testing on this one instance. I could see narrowly-focused instance topics to create groups of people interested in the same thing.

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