My better half and I are proposing the following counterpoint to STEM education:


That’s HAMLET if you’re iffy with acrostics.
It seems to us that the world would be a better place if STEM wasn’t taught in isolation.

I dunno if any educators will see this on here, but: I'm wondering what education hashtags might be popular/useful. I'm used to and on the bird site, but those don't seem to be big here- or, maybe, there just aren't *that many* educators on here. Ideas?

I’ve re-upped this account after letting it sit for a good long time. I remember liking it over here, but it was/is difficult to find people to follow.
Any advice on methods for that?

I made my first zine and posted it here: It's about education and divergent thinking. Totally analog in its making- lots of pens, glue, paper, razors, and typewriters. Really enjoyed the process, too. Hope you all like and look!

Just a quick observation: choose your instances of Mastodon carefully. I'm on two right now, and the Local Timeline on one is like trying to drink from a fire hose. Federated timeline is just a blur of Japanese toots ripping by.

Stupid question (maybe), but is username searching across instances kinda... weird? Like the results are deeply hit-or-miss? (just got on a second instance and am trying to re-build my following list... a bit)

How, I wonder, are people handling being in multiple instances at the same time? Switching between them easily? Like with slack, how I can be signed into multiple teams at the same time. Or multiple google accounts at once. Ideas? Tools?

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Is there a benefit to allowing the Follow Bots follow you?

I'm compelled to block them as I see them.

How does that "show more" button thing work? Any other tricks like that I should know about? Is there user-based FAQ somewhere I should bookmark?

Also: after using tweetdeck for so long, this web-based interface feels... cramped. Any apps (osx) out there I should check out? (Already running Amaroq on m' fone)

I actually kind of digging the interactions and tone here (more than twitter, anyway)... but I'll cop to not being cultured enough to enjoy the barrage of french text. And I'm having trouble finding the right folks to follow, too.

Is there any sort of iOS client for here? Or too early for that sort of thing?

Ah! So "Federated Timeline" is composited from all Mastodon instances, whereas "local" is the feed from that one server? Do I have that correct?

Is there a way to do list and whatnot here? Some sort of organization? Or are things a bit more old-school than that?

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