Holiday Prime upgrade sets are now up.
Final colors on the lights and the kart will depend on the total number of orders.

1 x Ramp/Rear Doors (white)
1 x Bumper (metallic paint)
2 x Fenders (red)
2 x Side Supports (red)
2 x Support Feet (clear green)
2 x Consoles (red)

2 x Hitches (black)
4 x Wheel Spacers (black)
1 x Drone Arm (black)
1 x Drone Radar (black)
2 x Drone Missiles (gray)
1 x Gas Filler Set (black)

1 x Light Kit
1 x Rolling Kart Set


Exterior Red pieces (fenders and support arms) are nearly out for the Holiday Prime kits. When they sell out, the kits will include black pieces instead until the kits are totally sold out.

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