@Gargron Hi Eugen. For the last two years I've tried to log in to my account on mastodon.social. I get as far as the 2fa interstitial page, which is supposed to send me the code via email. I never receive it. I've emailed the support address. No luck. Is there any way to resolve this, or should I give up the Mastodon dream? Thanks!

@cm_kropot @LuigiEsq@mastodon.social Hello! I tried emailing staff@mastodon.social but didn't hear anything back. Trying to log in to my mastodon.social account triggers the security code 2FA flow but I never receive the security code to my registered email address. Is there anything I can do to fix it?

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DARPA P3 team's "Firebreak" tech could leverage recovered people's antibodies to provide fast delivery short-term protection for vulnerable first responders.


We can do this. Share your

After donating PPE to Italy, China is sending a team of medical experts to help Italy and Spain.


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A point from the #coronavirus ‘cast:

MOST OF US WILL BE FINE. 85% of the *most vulnerable* age group survive. 97%+ for younger people.

The problem isn’t that we are all individually at risk. The odds favor most of us!

But even 1% of 50 million is 500K irreplaceable lives.
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Emergency Coronavirus Pod, recorded just one hour ago! mssv.net/2020/03/12/the-cultur

This live map is a valuable data source but also looks exactly like a chiling 8 bit epidemiology computer game from back in the day.


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Calendar -> Nextcloud
Google Contacts -> Nextcloud
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What's next?


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