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Love to install an OS update that trashes XCode

Dipping a foot in to iOS development after years of tinkering and watching along with WWDC

I love that in the Cowboy Bebop universe (in the year 2071) email still friggen exists.

When you're keen to water the garden and catchup on some podcasts, but nature has other plans for you.

Dear whoever invented the 'scroll down from the bottom of a news story and suddenly you are reading a completely unrelated one' thing on websites:

Please invent a time machine so you can go back and tell your younger self that this was a terrible idea.

Roman History. Stabbing. 

Get ready : 2019 is the year of the Earth Pig and the year where we get to observe the Super Blood Wolf Moon which means this year is about stability, friendship, and calling upon ancient wolf gods to huff and puff nazis to another planet.

Today we reach the final stage in our journey with rom-rb!

Learn how to build complex queries that leverage the full power of the database, and see how rom keeps the simple things easy, while making the hard things _possible_.


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