blury ec, bad joke 

Thougt I sold my turnips this morning for 140 bells (bought at 97). This evening I checked the price again and it had gone up to 440(!!). I was cursing those damn trash pandas!

But then the system updates and my game session gets trashed. I open it up again and there are my turnips, still in my pocket!!

So now I get to sell them for ~900k bells! 💰

Man deciding which button to push.jpg

Give in to capitalism and pay off my home loan?
Support the arts and preserve this beauty for the years to come?

cw: food, bread 

Rewriting some UI code and playing a game of "whose toot is that anyway"

Pooped after a visit to the dog park and a trek through the arboretum 😴

Dipping a foot in to iOS development after years of tinkering and watching along with WWDC

When you're keen to water the garden and catchup on some podcasts, but nature has other plans for you.

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