We have about a dozen knives in our cutlery drawer. One of them is a little bent. About 827161717 times out of 10, that is the one that I happen to pick out. It's like I'm drawn to it or something!

I remember watching an interview in 2001 about Metal Gear Solid 2 in which Kojima mentioned he was inspired by playing hide and seek. I wonder if Death Stranding was inspired by snakes and ladders

Cybertruck is my favourite FTP client on the Mac

Over the past several months I have been chipping away at a client for iOS called Mercury.

I am excited that it is now available for beta testing! There's a sign up link at onmercury.app with only a handful of spots available to begin with and I will add more testers as time goes on.

This being the first beta, there are still some bugs to be squished and some UI to be polished. Issues and feature requests can be reported here: github.com/dNitza/mercury-issu

I don't mean to brag, but today I saw two ladybugs 🐞. One of which was just sitting on the wall behind me all day.

Pooped after a visit to the dog park and a trek through the arboretum 😴

Love to install an OS update that trashes XCode

Dipping a foot in to iOS development after years of tinkering and watching along with WWDC

I love that in the Cowboy Bebop universe (in the year 2071) email still friggen exists.

When you're keen to water the garden and catchup on some podcasts, but nature has other plans for you.

Dear whoever invented the 'scroll down from the bottom of a news story and suddenly you are reading a completely unrelated one' thing on websites:

Please invent a time machine so you can go back and tell your younger self that this was a terrible idea.

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