@anthonychu @codesapien Obviously, but I need the deployment of certificates through a Key Vault first, or even better.... Managed certificates 馃槂

But again, thanks for the help :blobfistbumpL: :blobfistbumpR:

@anthonychu Victoryyyyyy, I owe you a blog post on this one, thanks for the help

@anthonychu @santoshhari also, I saw this one github.com/Azure/azure-functio skips CORS config because IsAnyLinuxConsumtion() returns false for container apps (e.g. There is a ContainerName env. var)

@anthonychu @santoshhari well, I'm working on a conference talk demo of microservices in Container Apps, ideally wit a variety of technologies. So yes, getting this to work would be the preferred way to go. If I don't manage to get it done, then web api would be sufficient.

@anthonychu @santoshhari I could not get this to work, switched to an ASP Core Web Api that allows me to programmatically set CORS policies. I tried adding the CORS_ALLOWED_ORIGINS setting with an array of allowed hostnames, without result

Anyone familiar with middleware? Trying to run my function app (with http triggers) in a and I need CORS middleware to configure a policy. Functions v4 on dotnet 7 running isolated.

@benoni would that keep the history of likes and comments and stuff?

I wonder if Mastodon supports editing of posts...

Suffering from FOMO seeing all these cloud brew posts

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