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Any open source and stylish (means something that looks like modern web design) alternative for

Want to get some quite simple questions out there and just get a very basic feedback chart. The alternatives I found are somehow either proprietary or looking like from the 90s to early 00s or have way too much functionality.

All I want is: One Question, a few options, results. And that in a kind of modern look.

#alternatives #poll #search

There is a lot to critique about Telegram but for some reason many articles chose to focus on the most dumb and obvious shit instead

@niklassenpai btw I made sure my mobile and my watch show the right time

I also checked them against the clock at the station which is one minute behind.

What a Drecksladen!

I just missed my train. I was on time, the train was one minute early.

I can't get the smell of instant noodles out of my room ;_;

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Lutris 0.5 (BETA) is out with GOG game store support!

Indeed: a 3rd party talent has to put GOG support when GOG themselves cannot even put out a Linux launcher, despite the promise from years back now.

Is GOG getting paid for NOT providing a Linux support from the likes of Microshaft in the shadows?

Launch your games from one user interface. It comes with tons of options including Steam, Wine, emulators +more.

#GOG #Lutris #Galaxy #LinuxGaming #GamingOnLinux

Just fixed some audio issues by plugging my USB soundcard into an old passive 2.0 USB. Turns out the 3.0 ports from my PC provided too much power or something which caused background noises

I ordered a controller for playing smash bros last week and haven't played since because I don't want to play with joycons anymore

The struggle is real

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"one of the reasons we decided to end EdgeHTML was because Google kept making changes to its sites that broke other browsers, and we couldn’t keep up."

Bought something online, DHL fucked up the delivery (and I get my money back), article costs now ~20€ more

I'm angry

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The 1.41.2 release allows a better customization of the time for notifications.
I also fixed recent issues reported for languages and the translation.
(If you are on #fdroid and noticed this bug, just switch your language in settings).
The refresh for tag and art timelines is improved.
Some other bug fixes.


Just installed Witcher 3 via Lutris on Manjaro Linux, after changing some settings it runs just as well as I remember it when playing on Windows

Won't have time to play it in the near future but I'm happy it works

Wenn man bei amazon extra premium Versand wählt weil man etwas vor dem Wochenende haben will und DHL tracking ist dann so (am Samstag) "Rücksendung eingeleitet" und man hat keine Ahnung was die eigentlich tun

Zu früh aufwachen und trotzdem müde sein ist auch irgendwie scheiße

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Two things are infinite: the universe and the number of security vulnerabilities in Adobe's Flash player.

Currently watching The Legend of Korra and holy shit it has some bad writing. The whole episode I'm currently watching just makes no sense at all.

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Why is requestAnimationFrame so broken?

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A backdoor is a vulnerability by definition. When Politicians demand backdoors to encryption, they are not asking us to choose between security and privacy. They are asking us to choose no security:

#Fight4Privacy #No2Backdoors

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