I put Mastodon on my Nextcloud Dashboard that they introduced last update and I think that leads me to use Mastodon more than before owo

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Game of Thrones 

I have to mention I didn't care about things like the battle of Winterfell, I was never excited about the whole white walkers plot.

Also I think the creators were limited in what they could do, they just could't go back to "cheap" GoT and had to fulfil certain expectations from fans (about battles and stuff) and likely also executives.

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Game of Thrones 

So it's finally over.

I'm happy with the ending. While episode 5 was really bad I'm okay with the rest of the season. It feels like they spent a lot of time on this final episode while others were rushed, should have been split up in more seasons.

Of course the last few seasons were worse than the early seasons but tbh who cares at this point.

Still sad about the haters who are mad it didn't turn out the way they wanted but this was to be expected.

#GoT e5s8 

IMO worst GoT episode yet.

I liked the season until now, it was lacking a lot of detail but I was kinda able to accept this, I felt like it could still turn in to an acceptable ending (I never expected it to be great in the first place) which was still fun to watch but this episode just ruined too much.

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Just saw ep 4 of #GoT [My opinion - no spoilers] 

I really liked it.

Yes there were some flaws and I didn't like some plot points in earlier episodes but for this episode it just feels like some people want to hate it.

I have seen some critiques of the episode which are just as stupid as they claim the episode is and I think that's really sad.

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Spontan mehrere hundert Protestierende vor der CDU-Zentrale in Berlin.
Das ist der Protest, dem @ManfredWeber sich nicht stellen will. #Uploadfilter #berlingegen13 #niemehrCDU

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Software & websites like Google & Facebook often try to manipulate you with "dark patterns" โ€” designs that nudge you to take actions that they'd like you to take.

The @eff show us, with examples, how to spot when they're used to harm our #privacy. eff.org/deeplinks/2019/02/desi

Original tweet: twitter.com/DuckDuckGo/status/

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Give a person a program and frustrate them for a day.

Teach a person to program and frustrate them for a lifetime.


I don't use Mastodon enough :(

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There is a lot to critique about Telegram but for some reason many articles chose to focus on the most dumb and obvious shit instead

@niklassenpai btw I made sure my mobile and my watch show the right time

I also checked them against the clock at the station which is one minute behind.

What a Drecksladen!

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I just missed my train. I was on time, the train was one minute early.

I can't get the smell of instant noodles out of my room ;_;

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