Game of Thrones 

Game of Thrones 

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languages: null pointer exceptions, sigsegv
me: cries
rust: don't worry my child, you're safe with me

Just saw ep 4 of #GoT [My opinion - no spoilers] 

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Spontan mehrere hundert Protestierende vor der CDU-Zentrale in Berlin.
Das ist der Protest, dem @ManfredWeber sich nicht stellen will. #Uploadfilter #berlingegen13 #niemehrCDU

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Software & websites like Google & Facebook often try to manipulate you with "dark patterns" — designs that nudge you to take actions that they'd like you to take.

The @eff show us, with examples, how to spot when they're used to harm our #privacy.

Original tweet:

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Give a person a program and frustrate them for a day.

Teach a person to program and frustrate them for a lifetime.


I don't use Mastodon enough :(

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Any open source and stylish (means something that looks like modern web design) alternative for

Want to get some quite simple questions out there and just get a very basic feedback chart. The alternatives I found are somehow either proprietary or looking like from the 90s to early 00s or have way too much functionality.

All I want is: One Question, a few options, results. And that in a kind of modern look.

#alternatives #poll #search

There is a lot to critique about Telegram but for some reason many articles chose to focus on the most dumb and obvious shit instead

@niklassenpai btw I made sure my mobile and my watch show the right time

I also checked them against the clock at the station which is one minute behind.

What a Drecksladen!

I just missed my train. I was on time, the train was one minute early.

I can't get the smell of instant noodles out of my room ;_;

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Lutris 0.5 (BETA) is out with GOG game store support!

Indeed: a 3rd party talent has to put GOG support when GOG themselves cannot even put out a Linux launcher, despite the promise from years back now.

Is GOG getting paid for NOT providing a Linux support from the likes of Microshaft in the shadows?

Launch your games from one user interface. It comes with tons of options including Steam, Wine, emulators +more.

#GOG #Lutris #Galaxy #LinuxGaming #GamingOnLinux

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