2023, for me, means I will be moving on from BRYTER πŸ‘‹πŸ₯².

I am building a list, so if you know of a team (CET compatible-timezone) in need of a Software Engineer with technical leadership experience, let me know!

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After four weeks of intensive job hunting, I have a couple of excellent offers on the table 😊

I have one more offer coming in on the very last day, and that one might be the winner. But they sure are taking their sweet time 😬

@niklas Congratulations and all the best for you.

There is a growing list of remote first companies in Germany here:

@britter @Gradle Thanks! Some fantastic people as well 😊. I might reach out!

@niklas Oh how I wish we had budget for a position for you.
Nonetheless all the best and tons of fun on your journey. 😊

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