Watching Die Hard and it strikes me that Hans Gruber is a pretty good manager.

From the project:

If there are any in South Carolina who would want to work with us to document and learn more about those impacted in the early years of the 18th century, please contact us.

@jerielizabeth @mia ohh thanks for answering Jeri! And sorry for missing this Mia. Still getting the hang of Mastodon 😅

To give a bit more detail, we are using the Github search API to identify repositories, users, and organizations that have the term Digital Humanities in them in all 184 ISO languages and then doing some additional searches based off of this initial dataset to find ppl that might contribute or star or subscribe, etc... to these repos or users but don't have DH in their bios.

But there's lots of further rabbit holes to explore! I've started doing some additional searches for just Humanities or subfield terms like Digital History or Digital Cultural Heritage, but haven't dug into that data yet.

Finally to your question about publishing and rewards, I'm hoping to eventually compare this dataset to ones that others have created looking at DH citations and DH Twitter to see how this dynamic compares. Any other advice/suggestions though are very appreciated!

Public Service Warning

Mastodon has a very big surge of new users right now. There's no way to tell if it will be sustained, but at this early point it looks similar to Nov 18 when when Musk pulled the employee purge.

It is very challenging for system administration to accommodate so many new users. If your server starts to struggle, it is not broken and will get sorted out.

We're all in this together. It's our social network. Be patient. What we are building is amazing.


Berlin is considering the possibility of a car-free area larger than Manhattan. The citizen-driven plan would create the largest car-free area in a city anywhere in the world.

Leadership can come from many places when it comes to transforming cities. Via #FastCompany

#cities #Berlin #Germany #urbanism #cars #carfree #transportation #mobility

Next generation of GPT bot rumored to so realistic that when you ask it to write something important to meet a deadline it goes ahead and cleans your house.

This comment from hacker news, shared by Dare Obasanjo on Twitter, is one of the clearest explanations I've seen of why OpenAI appears to be so far in front of Google and of how the economics of actual products differs from that of demos like Chat-GPT.

Hah, #ChatGPT can write poetry!

The prompts were
1. write a haiku about Moby-Dick
2. write a sonnet about Moby-Dick

You can play with it here

h/t @TedUnderwood

I find it amazing how quickly academic Twitter has ceased to be. All the interesting stuff seems to be at Mastodon these days. So now that we're at it: could we maybe also just get rid of academic publishers by massively defecting to diamond open access journals?

Academic achievement unlocked: write a paper together with at least 50 co-authors.

It actually ended up being 60 co-authors. Preprint now available on Zenodo,

About how to share, cite, and credit collaborative work. In this case with ground truth (GT) for hand written text recognition (HTR) as the case study. But basically it holds anywhere in digital humanities and research obviously.

Announcement: Macstodon 0.3 is here! 🥳​

Macstodon is a Mastodon client for 68k Macintosh computers! With it, you can post plain-text toots, view your home and local timelines, and view your notifications!

System Requirements:
- A 68020/68030/68040 Macintosh
- System 7.1 through 8.1
- At least 1.5 MB of free memory
- 32-bit addressing enabled
- Internet Config installed
- an SSL-stripping proxy running on another machine

You can download the latest release from GitHub:
(but please read the Read Me, I worked hard on it!)

And with that, I'm going to take a break from this project for a few days! But do let me know if you've successfully used it!

#RetroComputing #RetroProgramming #VintageMac #68K #Apple #Mac #MacOS #ClassicMac

The Digital Ethnic Futures Consortium (DEFCon) is giving away $100K in grants for teaching and programming at the intersection of #DigitalHumanities & Ethnic Studies. Applications due January 13, 2023.

Webinar: December 5th at 6pm EST/3pm PST


Every year, Nova Scotia provides Boston with its official yuletide tree as a thank you for the city's response to the 1917 #HalifaxExplosion

An estimated 2,000 people died and 9,000 more were injured.

Aid from #Boston was the 1st to arrive, and the response has not been forgotten.

The #TreeForBoston will leave Halifax on Nov. 21st for its 1,100-kilometre journey to Massachusetts. A tree-lighting ceremony will take place at the Boston Common on Dec. 1st.

Someone posted a gopher frontend to Google Maps to comp.infosystems.gopher 😂 #retrocomputing

One of the best things I learned yesterday at the UVA 30 years of DH thing, was the concept of "asemic writing." I can't believe this is the first I hear that thing has a name. HT @mkirschenbaum

Dr. Sonya Donaldson from Colby at leads us off for the afternoon, inviting us to think not only about the history (of and more generally) but also the future, shoutout to @elotroalex, @literature_geek @walshbr and others at Scholars' Lab

I’ve posted my brief remarks from #UVA30DH - "Collaboration is THE Thing"—as the title signals, I argue that the greatest contribution of #digitalhumanities has not been technical, but in the ways it’s fostered critical conversations about collaboration, credit, & equity in humanities fields

RT @jjvincent
Last Friday, Microsoft, GitHub and OpenAI were named in a proposed class action lawsuit for scraping public data to train AI. The case is early stages, but has the potential to massively reshape the generative AI scene. I spoke to the lawyers behind it:

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