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Marcel Dierkes πŸ’‘

I bought Mario Kart 8 dlx yesterday and there was no giant day-1 patch to download. Just pop in the cartridge and go! I'm not used to that anymore.

I replaced appledoc with jazzy for my soon-to-be-released NSURLSession test framework. Works great! Even with

I currently host my private projects on GitLab because GitHub doesn't separate very good between "work" and "personal". I need that context switch.

It's a shame that appledoc is not updated anymore. It's still a great documentation generator and invaluable for new framework projects.

A very good overview: "A Tourist’s Guide to the LLVM Source Code"

Watching the federated timeline fly by is almost like looking at the

I have an on-off relationship with Core Data. iOS 10 made the situation better but overall it's still very crashy. The worst thing: I don't like any of the alternatives. 😒

Well, those Easter holidays came and went… back to work tomorrow. πŸ—πŸ“²πŸ› 

There are many sites an Objective-C developer should have bookmarked for reference, but is definitely in my Top 5.

I'm not using AsyncDisplayKit, but kudos to Facebook for not letting it die and moving it to Pinterest instead:

I really miss long-term stability while working with Swift. Even my small side projects from last year are broken beyond repair (Swift 2->3)

It's always great to hear a new playlist or album from Makeup and Vanity Set: "DX"

I guess I will continue working on my SQLite wrapper tonight. I finally want to get rid of Core Data in 2017.

Cello – A library that brings higher level programming to C

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I really love Breath of the Wild. Perfect game to relax after a workday :video_game:

I ported my git-based changelog generator script from Ruby to Bash. I’m now much happier with it. It only depends on git and not an entire ruby environment anymore. Simplicity wins.

I’ve been using Homebrew on the Mac for years now, but I didn’t know there were brew bundles and Brewfiles

On the Mac I’m simply using Mastodon in a FluidApp window. Works good so far.

These days I have accepted the fact that I'm not going to finish many of my side projects. It's mostly about the journey and the learnings that I take out of them.

My current late-night weekend project: a tiny datastore library for iOS powered by sqlite3 and json1. :ghost: