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I really would like to see support for XPCServices on . Separate sandboxed processes would help for long-running tasks that can potentially crash.

Wow, a company brought the name rights to and released new versions as generic Ubuntu variants This brings back memories 🐧

2018 would have been my 10th year on Twitter. It developed into a platform for hate and politics. It might be the perfect time to just leave it behind.

The holidays are ideal to catch up with side projects. I finally want to deal with Mac Sandboxing. That’s a beast.

Current status: repartitioning an iPhone 4 to dual-boot between iOS 6 and 7. I know it sounds crazy, but I want iOS 6 back on that thing.

Doing some test exports from Evernote to Apple Notes. I barely use Evernote anymore and it might be time to move on.

My favorite bookmarklet is "kill sticky"
So many sites use sticky headers or floating button bars, it really sucks… especially on smaller displays.

Firefox Quantum really is fast. I like it! But there is still no scroll bouncing and the new icon is too bright for my taste 😎

I just made it through Star Trek Discovery Episode 3.
What kind of grim and depressing mirror universe is that set in?

Damn, I just discovered radio. Perfect for for discovering some new synthwave artists 😎

That's an odd intro sequence, but let's see how the actual show turns out: Star Trek Discovery

Firefox 55 with Servo for CSS rendering feels snappier than before. I might test this for a while since Chrome gets more bloated with every update.

Using the iOS Simulator fullscreen besides Xcode really allows me to focus better. I wish this would be public pref and not some secret setting.

Apple implements sophisticated autoplay blocking into Safari… and what do they do with the new App Store? Autoplay for every app video 🤦

I just compiled ScummVM for my brand new iPad to play 'Monkey Island'. I'm definitly pushing this graphics processor to the limit…

I really love how iOS 11b1 changes the iPad interaction model. It's still buggy and glitchy, but I'm getting used to it.

Digging through the iOS 11 API Docs. I'm especially curious about stuff that wasn't part of the keynote.

10 min to go until starts… it's like developer christmas in June.
This means watching new session videos all week.

I didn't know that clang exposes C++'s `auto` keyword in other C languages as `__auto_type`. Perfect for long class names or blocks in Objective-C.