I never use the macOS migration assistant. I always manually copy Application Support, Preferences and Containers on an app-by-app basis. The rest is in git, Dropbox & iCloud.

Got myself a (greatly discounted) 2018 MacBook Pro this week and so far I'm happy 😎
Setup was quick thanks to Homebrew Cask and my dotfiles git repo.

Notarization works well from the Xcode UI, but the moment you want to handle this from the command line it's mostly trial and error. At least I have a shell script now that handles all commands for me. And this support page by Apple: developer.apple.com/documentat

My end of the year goal: Adding hardened runtime, app notarization, app sandbox, Sparkle XPC and a launch-at-login helper app to KeepingYouAwake. This is probably the worst dev experience I ever had for a Cocoa app.

Maybe I should start looking for a NAS instead?
Resilio Sync also looks promising: resilio.com/

I found a hosted Nextcloud provider I can trust to replace Dropbox, but I'm not happy with the macOS client and storage pricing right now. I still feel constrained.

Stardew Valley on the iPad is the ultimate release for me. I hate it on the Switch and gave up fast on the Mac.

The new iPad Pro looks a lot like the original iPad from the side. I always loved this classic design although it only lasted one generation.

It worked using Xcode's UI, but now I need to figure out how `altool` and `stapler` work. I want to notarize from the command line with my Makefile.

Let's see how fast app notarization for Mac apps works. I'm uploading my first build to Apple.

@foozmeat Sure, I will provide updates πŸ‘ This will probably take some time πŸ˜€

My next tech adventure: Finding a Dropbox replacement with a lot more extensible storage, accessible from anywhere. Nextcloud? Self-hosting? Encryption? Raspberry Pi? This is uncharted territory for me. I don't even know where to start.

I'm excited for some iPad news tomorrow. The USB-C rumor makes sense and would reduce the number of cables I still need to carry around on a regular basis.

My quest for a Gmail replacement continues (it got really ugly and slow). I'm now testing mailbox.org which looks really promising and affordable.

It's not a bad phone at all but the XS is just not as portable for me as an SE in regard to grip and weight.

Why can't we have small and light phones again? I got my XS yesterday and this thing is a brick with a slippery glass back πŸ˜“

That is a painfully expensive phone… I really hope it's worth the upgrade from my iPhone 7 Plus.

I feel much more balanced after my vacation week. This was overdue.

I'm so glad my extended vacation is starting tomorrow evening. I need to switch off a bit to recharge πŸ”‹

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