That is a painfully expensive phone… I really hope it's worth the upgrade from my iPhone 7 Plus.

I feel much more balanced after my vacation week. This was overdue.

I'm so glad my extended vacation is starting tomorrow evening. I need to switch off a bit to recharge 🔋

I wish I had discovered earlier. It's the perfect companion for my external media hard drive. I just browse around from my iPad and rediscover stuff I had on there. 📺

Critics hated , but I loved it. Critics destroyed , but I cannot get enough of it. I should probably watch everything modern critics hate 😆

A year ago I would have never believed that I'll enjoy one day. It makes me feel much better. Sometimes it just takes a good friend to kick you out of your comfort zone.

I'm resuming my schedule today after a one week break because of a cold. I really miss it.

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I give in… I’m updating my main phone to the iOS 12 beta. It works flawlessly on my iPad already.

But then I'm glad that GitLab exists. It's my personal graveyard for half executed app ideas 😅 … far away from work.

I hate that GitHub doesn't provide a way to separate work and private repos. It sometimes stresses me out at weekends. 🙄

Enough code for today for me. I’m just happy that my timeline here is more alive thanks to twitter’s stupid decisions.

I went back and forth between raw SQLite and Core Data over the years and I want to give CD a chance again. Codegen and NSPersistentContainer are easy to like.

Even after a year Core Data classes like NSPersistentHistoryChangeRequest are almost undocumented. I can't just watch the WWDC session over and over again all the time 😅

I pushed out a new release of KeepingYouAwake with dark mode support today. I guess I’m now macOS Mojave-ready.

I really would like to see support for XPCServices on . Separate sandboxed processes would help for long-running tasks that can potentially crash.

Wow, a company brought the name rights to and released new versions as generic Ubuntu variants This brings back memories 🐧

2018 would have been my 10th year on Twitter. It developed into a platform for hate and politics. It might be the perfect time to just leave it behind.

The holidays are ideal to catch up with side projects. I finally want to deal with Mac Sandboxing. That’s a beast.

Current status: repartitioning an iPhone 4 to dual-boot between iOS 6 and 7. I know it sounds crazy, but I want iOS 6 back on that thing.

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