And now, please stand for the National Anthem:

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Hey, what can you say?
We were overdue
But it’ll be over soon
(Don't) wait
ba da dum
ba da dum ..

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To all Americans who don't:

Happy Christofascist Death Spiral Day

Try not to take too many others down with you.

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What is fascinating about this moment are the populations and cultures unconsciously closing off their futures, such as US Republicans, climate deniers, and COVID minimisers.


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To all Americans who accept the morbidity of their system and are ready to reboot to a Nordic-style social democracy:

Happy Interdependence Day

Your counterparts in Europe will see you on the other side. *That* will be the time for fireworks.

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33 Theses against Neoliberalism, Authoritarianism, and Scale

33 Theses against Neoliberalism, Authoritarianism, and Scale
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Of all the ways to organize an industrial society that humans have tried so far, the Nordic social democracy is the least bad. Not perfect and in dire need of improvement, but still least bad.

Here's where Finland for instance shines: a thread.

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@pandoraswax I agree. Any new legal framework that adequately addresses just ecological relations would be incompatible with the existing state-corporate apparatus

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"The problem is that we still lack the culture needed to confront this crisis...The establishment of a legal framework which can set clear boundaries & ensure the protection of ecosystems has become indispensable; otherwise, the new power structures based on the techno-economic

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When 🇪🇪 was occupied by Russia, we did not have any economic freedom, therefore we value and safeguard it now.


Now @codexeditor has squeezed Bosch out of Lévy-Dhurmer.

The dead philosophers in my head are reacting like it's opening night of Le Sacre du Printemps.
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"A Voyage to Arcturus"

Series of paintings of Symbolist marionette theatre scenes by Lucien Lévy-Dhurmer

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Kurdit ovat muuten tehneet terrorismin torjunnan ja Euroopan turvallisuuden puolesta enemmän uhrauksia kuin Suomi tai Ruotsi tulevat koskaan tekemään.

First time since moving to 🇫🇮 in 09 that the siesta lifestyle has been called for.

Goes great with the Midnight 🌞!
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Today it was unusually hot for June; the maximum 32.4°C was observed in Espoo Nuuksio.

Vihti Maasoja (31.4°C) and Jomala Jomalaby (29.3°C) in Åland broke their monthly heat records.

The Netflix version (will not watch) is entirely and effectively the opposite: the personal identity escapes and survives.

Presumably Kosinski shortened the name to 'Spiderhead' because it is not escape, but intake.


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Saunder's Escape from Spiderhead is one of his best stories (cc. @SaundersSociety).

The moral core is especially strong and compact: the only escape from domination is to kill (transcend) the personal identity.


.. but when they start dropping, we're joining @ksrinfo's Children of Kali to even the score.

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30c in SW 🇫🇮, and this male Greenfinch living in our eaves succumbed today. His mate is still going.

Their Apu co-tenants (swifts) are doing fine (they winter in the Congo after all - cc. @JaneGoodallInst) ..

oh FFS -

@codexeditor has prompted the cloudmind with:

- Liszt's 'most violent piece of piano music composed in the 19th c.'
- early 20th art nouveau.

It's a superb simulation of a sublime synaesthesia.

Maybe that's what DALL-E & LLMs are here to extend our minds to do ..
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Unstern! Sinistre, Disastro

By Lucien Lévy-Dhurmer

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Imagine being a country who's biggest problems right now is deciding when it's best to kill children - before birth, or in school?

That the @GOP legacy for America

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