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I’m not able to make a big donation right now, but I chipped in a few dollars to Warren after her strong debate night.

@IronMan Bloomberg isn't wrong about the banking deserts in low income communities. That exodus and the predatory payday lenders that took the bank branches place when they moved out is a significant barrier to climbing out of generational poverty.

However, that is one of the very reasons that Warren championed the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. Trump has been trying to erase those protections.

@IronMan Someone give Rachel Maddow's book to Bloomberg so he can learn about fracking, the oil and gas companies, and what they doing to communities. It's not like he's out kissing babies like the rest of the candidates. He can take the time to read.

Actually, he can pay for his copy He certainly won't miss the $30. He should buy some extra copies for every library in the country too so people can get off the wait lists and read it sooner.

Love Elizabeth Warren's answer on mining on public lands. She has a plan for everything.

@IronMan Every one of them would re-join the Paris Agreement, so Bloomberg doesn't get any points for saying it.

@Katniss @IronMan I hope everyone listening heard her: the differences are about policy, not who remembered a name. Who hasn't had to look up a word, someone's name, or the number of people in the Knesset? Good on Warren for defending her too.

Trump is intentionally making conditions horrible to discourage others from seeking refuge. It's inhumane.

These people have to fight for bare necessities that human beings with compassion wouldn't deny their worst enemies.

Please take pleas to vote in a united way in November and to pick the best Democrat possible seriously.

@IronMan Another great thing, regardless of what point they were disagreeing about: two women in a split screen on the debate stage. Not just one woman left in the field of candidates.

What needs to improve: Six white people stage do not represent the diversity of the USA.

Here's some facts about while this debate is going.

I think Elizabeth Warren's transition plan is the best and most practical.

Medicare for all who want it is similar to Obamacare without the individual mandate.
It won't work.

Medicare For All would save $450 billion annually while preventing 68,000 deaths, new study shows

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Warren:" We are all responsible for our supporters."

Leaders take responsibility. Leaders lead.


@IronMan Klobuchar is also not pulling her punches. I'm going to say that we need one of the two women on the stage to be our nominee. Ok, that isn't news.

@IronMan Warren is dropping the gloves from the face-off. Have I mentioned how much I love her? I mean today.

Welcome to the Mastodon thread.

Be nice.

Share your thoughts.

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Talk about what you like and what you don't.

@AgentHill it's 17 pages long...but lemme see if I can share the cloud link version. I downloaded in case it disappears.

I know a lot is being said about #warren being left out of the Hart Research poll question v Donald Trump...but there is really so much else wrong with these data, starting with the sample size and the question design. Maybe they didn't think it would get so much attention? I have questions.

Hm. I also have the poll results in PDF and want to upload it, but PDFs are not supported here. Suggestions? #heroesresist

I'm glad he will be in the debate tonight and have to face questions.

I hope the moderators ask good ones so people watching can get a sense of what they don't know about him.

We have much better choices available, no matter what part of the Democratic party you perceive yourself a part of.

Here's another take on the same there. Bloomberg is not the answer to what Trumpism is doing to the country. He doesn't care about the things that Democrats care about.

No one without ambition and ego runs for president. (Maybe not since George Washington, if you read the Retropolis article yesterday). But Bloomberg is in it all for Bloomberg.

He wouldn't be as bad as Trump. But we're Democrats. We can do better. We have better choices running now.

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I have not heard a single Democrat say "any blue will do." Everyone I know has a preference. means in November, we unite behind the nominee even they aren't our top choice because any Democrat is better than any Republican.

If it's Bloomberg, I will vote for him because every vote is for the better choice. He's still better than Trump. This piece has a lot of truth. Bloomberg does not share my values. We need to nominate one of the others.

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