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@NightOwlDreams @IronMan Many states have early voting or no-excuse absentee ballots too. If yours doesn't, it's a good thing to get on your state representative/delegate/(whatever your state calls them) and state senator about.

@IronMan I’ve worked at the polls during minor elections before. If people are put off by long lines, please remind them that the least crowded times are from 1:00 p.m. until 4:00 p.m. Maybe they can take a day off work & vote in the afternoon, and bring a folding chair to sit on. I have problems with my legs if I stand too long. Sorry, I know you are busy.

259 days of unleashed Trump between now and election day, courtesy of the GOP.

We'll have an overabundance of additional reasons to vote blue all the way down the ballot.  

Every Republican who complained about Obama being the "imperial president" and is silent now - we're not forgetting you.

Some reasons why I want the GOP out:

I am against creating a permanent political-economic class that stays rich because it is rich, not because it creates things. 

I am against the richest paying the lowest taxes. 

In the long run, the country will do best when it fosters and protects a middle class with enough extra income to save, invest in education, and purchase homes, while making sure that the least fortunate (by birth, bad luck whatever circumstances) don't die on the street.  

Retropolis is one of my favorite columns in the Washington Post. This piece about George Washington gives perspective to how everyone loved candidate Obama but many disliked President Obama for not being able to accomplish everything, and is a caution to how we should treat our current candidates. They will have to contend with a possible opposition Senate and many things out of their control.

Today, 2/18, is the 🚨 last day 🚨 to register to vote in your upcoming Presidential Primaries. We need high turnout in the primaries to get the BEST candidate and and to create enthusiasm for the November elections.

Register if you haven't. Check it if you have.

CA can register after the deadline, but why wait? Do it now. Voting is cool.

During the upcoming election season, protecting the Fourth Estate is crucial to preserving our democracy. Subscribe to your local paper, join NPR & support journalists as much as you can.

Clickbait-driven social media is doing no favors to traditional news sources, which are often the only thing that breaks important news where it happens. If Charlotte loses the Observer there will still be other good local news, but it’s still important that this Pulitzer-winning paper survives.

We desperately need reliable journalism at a time when it’s in greater danger than ever. Supporting local media is and has always been important. Subscribe. Buy a paper.

Do you need to vote absentee in the Presidential primary?

Deadline to register for an absentee ballot: 2/25

Last day to vote in person: 2/28

Deadline to return absentee mail ballots: 2/29 at 7PM

Info at:

I hope everyone on birdsite got a chance to see Susan Pompeo today.

The biggest threat to our country is 4 more years of Trump. There are already devastating ramifications it will take time to fix, if they can be.

Speaker Pelosi is right. Let's listen.

Participate in the primaries, then

Pelosi warns Democrats 'must be unified' to ensure Trump isn't reelected



The majority of all voters support reasonable gun regulations and that's why Democrats were voted into office, not only in Virginia but across the country.

There aren't enough words to describe how disappointing this is. We will elect better people into Democratic seats.

Today, 2/17/20, is the last day to register to vote in the Super Tuesday Presidential primary elections & the primaries for U.S. House &Senate elections.

Every vote counts. Every election matters. Register.

@IronMan Same here. I will in November, but for me Elizabeth Warren is the best candidate because she wants to move us to a single-payer system, yet she is a realist who understands that path dependence cannot be overcome by clapping your hands and assigning Medicare for All to everyone.

As she's the senator from Massachusetts, I'm sure she knows that the transition to full coverage is a bit bumpy but worth it.

Single-payer healthcare is a system we can afford and data supports it.

I will but candidates who want this system are getting my primary vote.

"The difference in administrative costs between the two countries would "not only cover all the uninsured but also eliminate all the copayments and deductibles."

American health care system costs four times more than Canada's single-payer system:

And don't let hashtags or lazy headlines make that decision for you.

doesn't mean voting for a random candidate. It means being involved in the choice of the eventual nominee and then uniting behind them.

At this time, this is a neccessary act that will save the largest amount of people and the planet. It's our responsibility.

One more time: means in November. Vote for the candidate you think is best in your primary or caucus.

Maybe I'll knock on your door this spring or you'll call me at dinner time. We each vote for who we think can beat Trump and shares our vision for the country. Delegates will shake out by summer. Then we both in November. Cool?

Trump placed U.S. soldiers in harms way because he was having a bad news day & they now are suffering traumatic brain injuries that they will deal with for the rest of their lives.

Trump is a national disgrace & a threat to those who wear the uniform.

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