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Seeing real life super villain Roger Stone smiling as he leaves the courtroom is disheartening. He knows Trump will pardon him before he has to serve even one minute in prison. He wouldn't be smiling if his orange crooked friend wasn't president. Lets make sure by this time next year, these types of travesties of Justice don't happen anymore.

@IronMan Hmm, I’m guessing the people who pitch hissy fits all night and day about Democrats appealing to Democrats during primary season don’t do the same thing to Republicans appealing to Republicans.

Additional post-debate thought after getting off that birdsite for a while.

This is the DEMOCRATIC primary.  It's not the general.  

The idea of asking Democrats to appeal to Republicans during the primary is ludicrous.  

After tooting through most of the debate last night with my friends @IronMan @natashar @SteveRogers @Katniss @AgentCarter_SSR @StephenStrange and more, I fell asleep before the end. Sometime during the night I heard Warren calling out Bloomberg, and realized it was the replay on MSNBC and I wasn't dreaming calling out corruption from the presidential bully platform for the next four years. But let's make it so. 98% of the Democratic delegates are still there for the deciding.

@AgentHill I agree. It’s much better than an edit button, and for that exact reason.

I found another feature that Mastodon does better than the bird site. I made a mistake in a toot as I am wont to do, and I had the option of "delete and redraft." I've always been against an edit button on the bird site because bad actors will get likes and RTs and then edit to make it look like people agree with other than what the current post says, but keeping exact words is great. On mobile, copying and pasting doesn't always work.


A quick ride down my birdsite timeline shows what I often get back.

I don't mind the MAGAts. I do mind so-called Resistance accounts discouraging anything from calls to voting pleas to positive comments about any candidate or subject at all.

3 years plus is exhausting.
@natashar @AgentHill

@AgentCarter_SSR @IronMan @shield_asset @OfdonaldJ @AgentHill I don’t know the person asking the question, but... Reading and writing poetry, singing, dancing, Doctor Who, trying new food, hanging out with friends, making gifs, and staying at home with my cats when I need to be away from people (which is often, admittedly).

@OfdonaldJ @IronMan @AgentHill This will look different if you’re using an app, but I’ll just show you how it is on the website. When you’re composing a tweet, you can attach images or gifs that you’ve saved on your device using the paper clip. There isn’t a gif database, unfortunately.

@IronMan @natashar @AgentHill

Nope. We have to believe it can be better. And be prepared for slogging through the predictable shit to make it better.

I know I'm wearing my positive pants right now, and I today has been hard & tomorrow will be hard, but it *will* be better. We have too much to lose to start with losing heart.

JFC, how the F do you post a f'ing gif on this thing? Come ON, life!

Socialism isn't Communism.

Democratic Socialism definitely isn't.

@IronMan Bernie is not in my top three choices of people on the stage, but he's not a communist. Putting in the mind of Americans that any Democratic candidates are communists is a great way to not turn out our voters. Don't do that.

@AgentHill @IronMan It’s disappointing to see big-name resisters on the birdsite doing Republicans’ work for them this morning. If Bernie does get the nomination, we‘ll have a lot of damage to undo and it’ll be partially our allies’ fault. We have to be careful... which is really great and not adding to the stress of daily life at all!

I’m not in the habit of posting Stereogum links anywhere, but seeing as how this is a meme set to music, it feels appropriate enough. I present, for your consideration, Elizabeth Warren ethering Michael Bloomberg at the debate last night.

I’m not able to make a big donation right now, but I chipped in a few dollars to Warren after her strong debate night.

@IronMan They always seem to wait specifically for Joe’s closing statement.

@IronMan Bloomberg isn't wrong about the banking deserts in low income communities. That exodus and the predatory payday lenders that took the bank branches place when they moved out is a significant barrier to climbing out of generational poverty.

However, that is one of the very reasons that Warren championed the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. Trump has been trying to erase those protections.

@IronMan Someone give Rachel Maddow's book to Bloomberg so he can learn about fracking, the oil and gas companies, and what they doing to communities. It's not like he's out kissing babies like the rest of the candidates. He can take the time to read.

Actually, he can pay for his copy He certainly won't miss the $30. He should buy some extra copies for every library in the country too so people can get off the wait lists and read it sooner.

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