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@IronMan The more Mayor Pete attacks Klobuchar, the more he reminds me of a smug, condescending ex of mine.

@natashar @IronMan It seems wrong to star this statement. I give your ex zero stars. Mayor Pete gets stars sometimes for other observations, but definitely not when he attacks Klobuchar and then rolls his eyes at her.

I found another feature that Mastodon does better than the bird site. I made a mistake in a toot as I am wont to do, and I had the option of "delete and redraft." I've always been against an edit button on the bird site because bad actors will get likes and RTs and then edit to make it look like people agree with other than what the current post says, but keeping exact words is great. On mobile, copying and pasting doesn't always work.

@AgentHill Is there a way to quote toot & add a comment like on the bird?

@Tenacious @AgentHill You have to manually copy/paste like in the old days over there, like so.

QT @Tenacious Is there a way to quote toot & add a comment like on the bird?

@Tenacious @AgentHill You can also share a link to the toot, but that literally is just a link. You could do a link with a screenshot, if you’re feeling fancy.

@Tenacious @AgentHill Like so... I got the link by tapping “More.” It will look different on other apps and the website, but there’s always something similar as far as I’ve looked into it. mastodon.social/@Tenacious/103

@Tenacious @AgentHill Oh, hang on!! I see now that it actually is showing a little preview of your toot! I copied and pasted the link into the toot.

@Tenacious When you’re composing a toot, look for the paper clip. (That’s if you’re using the website. All of the apps are slightly different, but they will also have a way to attach an image.) You’ll need to have the gif already on your device/computer and upload it.

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