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Here's some facts about while this debate is going.

I think Elizabeth Warren's transition plan is the best and most practical.

Medicare for all who want it is similar to Obamacare without the individual mandate.
It won't work.

Medicare For All would save $450 billion annually while preventing 68,000 deaths, new study shows newsweek.com/medicare-all-woul

@IronMan Bernie is not in my top three choices of people on the stage, but he's not a communist. Putting in the mind of Americans that any Democratic candidates are communists is a great way to not turn out our voters. Don't do that.

@AgentHill @IronMan It’s disappointing to see big-name resisters on the birdsite doing Republicans’ work for them this morning. If Bernie does get the nomination, we‘ll have a lot of damage to undo and it’ll be partially our allies’ fault. We have to be careful... which is really great and not adding to the stress of daily life at all!

Thinking 2020 would possibly be better than 2016 seems to have been a mistake.

@IronMan @natashar @AgentHill

I feel as though the less I pay attention to the primary, the more enthusiasm I'll have for the general. It's not a good impulse to have, I know.


@natashar @AgentHill

People are allowed their impulses, I think.

I am energized by seeing the debates. Less energized by birdsite comments to myself and others about the debate.

@IronMan @natashar @AgentHill

Nope. We have to believe it can be better. And be prepared for slogging through the predictable shit to make it better.

I know I'm wearing my positive pants right now, and I today has been hard & tomorrow will be hard, but it *will* be better. We have too much to lose to start with losing heart.

JFC, how the F do you post a f'ing gif on this thing? Come ON, life!

@OfdonaldJ @IronMan @AgentHill This will look different if you’re using an app, but I’ll just show you how it is on the website. When you’re composing a tweet, you can attach images or gifs that you’ve saved on your device using the paper clip. There isn’t a gif database, unfortunately.

@OfdonaldJ @IronMan @natashar @AgentHill

Thank yo OfDonald. Things feel extra rough& off-kilter suddenly. I think we all need a burst of positivity &encouragement today.

Btw, the little paperclip in the lower left hand corner is for adding gifs/pics.

@AgentCarter_SSR @OfdonaldJ @IronMan @natashar @AgentHill
This is very true. What are some of your favorite ways to collect yourselves?

I do martial arts on occasion, but most things that distract me from the wider Internet help. (yes I was SHIELD but that's besides the point)

I spend time helping people in general, not politically, just people who need help.

I spend time with friends and family.

I'm lucky to have a rewarding work life.

Biking, music, and meditation help.
@AgentCarter_SSR @OfdonaldJ @natashar @AgentHill

@AgentCarter_SSR @IronMan @shield_asset @OfdonaldJ @AgentHill I don’t know the person asking the question, but... Reading and writing poetry, singing, dancing, Doctor Who, trying new food, hanging out with friends, making gifs, and staying at home with my cats when I need to be away from people (which is often, admittedly).

@AgentCarter_SSR @OfdonaldJ @IronMan @natashar @AgentHill
Chief, please let Mr. Stark know many people not with your team, supported the return of his presence on social media. Also his choice of what to do with his time and efforts. How do I cope? By staying informed and politically active. Tonight at a Sen. Amy K. rally in Aurora. Yes I know the lean of the team and soon hope to attend a Warren event. Your local SSR strives to "protect" all. Still no Rumlow!
Best, Glenn ☕🙂

@GlennGriffin8 @AgentCarter_SSR @IronMan @natashar @AgentHill

Glad there is an antidote to the Springs in Aurora tonight! Wish I could be there to help...we have great ppl in CO. Amy is a great Senator and candidate. Have a great night!

It's hard to maintain online when people constantly shit all over you.

In real life it's much better but kudos.
@natashar @AgentHill

@IronMan @natashar @AgentHill

My bird site existence is limited for this very reason and most of my political work and advocacy is not social media heavy.

I'm sad that you're disheartened from recent interactions (or ongoing ones). I had to walk away from a lot of it from burnout after the midterms. I'm genuinely sorry because I know you work hard - you all do.

Take a break. You are valued. And Warren is the one. You're not wrong.


A quick ride down my birdsite timeline shows what I often get back.

I don't mind the MAGAts. I do mind so-called Resistance accounts discouraging anything from calls to voting pleas to positive comments about any candidate or subject at all.

3 years plus is exhausting.
@natashar @AgentHill

It's in character for me to be negative sometimes.

Today's the day.

And yes, it is.
@OfdonaldJ @AgentHill

As a personal favor I'd like to ask people, for the 2nd time today, to lay off Tony.

He's been through more than anyone here and still is. All for the cause.

Please don't give him a "nope."

Thank you.
@IronMan @natashar @AgentHill

@SteveRogers @IronMan @natashar @AgentHill

Cap - sorry if my pep talk came off as chastising. That was far from my intention.

I'd be the last person to malign someone for fighting the good fight and lifting others up as often as Tony and y'all have. I don't have much history in the dynamic here, but I'm in your corner.

@SteveRogers @OfdonaldJ @IronMan @natashar @AgentHill Agree with you. It was never fun after being rattled by bird site. Especially me too Y"all take it easy.

I'm sorry that I don't remember who you were over there but we all took a hit.

Thanks for your comment.
@OfdonaldJ @IronMan @natashar @AgentHill

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