@Cheshie @HawKEye_2020 Mastodon can be pretty confusing because it’s all open-source. It reminds me of Twitter from 2010-11.

You can use the website or an app. I’m on iOS and I have used two apps (Amaroq and Toot), but the apps for Android are different.

@natashar @Cheshie @HawKEye_2020 using Tusky for Android here. Haven't used it a whole bunch yet but the notifications seem to work MUCH better than Twitter so far. Time will tell.

@WonderWoman @natashar @Cheshie @HawKEye_2020
I like it except it doesn’t show everyone’s followers to me when I look at a profile. I don’t know why.

P.S. is everyone leaving Twitter? I’ve only had a little bit of info from Scott.

@HopeVanDyne @natashar @Cheshie @HawKEye_2020 hmm mine shows a nice list... what interface/app are you using?🤔

@HopeVanDyne @WonderWoman @Cheshie @HawKEye_2020 Amaroq is a free iOS app that’s pretty good. I went ahead and paid $3.99 (IIRC) for Toot.

@HopeVanDyne @WonderWoman @Cheshie @HawKEye_2020 This is what Toot! does when you press the button. I’m a sucker for a fun interface, but it also makes it easier to look at everything and attach media.

@natashar @Cheshie @HopeVanDyne @HawKEye_2020 don't see it listed in the Google Play app store. But several other options to try out.

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