B-day *[[1970]] [[Erkki Bahovski]], Estonian journalist Show more

*[[2005]] Japan's Prime Minister [[Junichiro Koizumi]] [[List of war apology statements issued by Japan#2000s|apologizes]] for Japan's war record. Show more

B-day * 1980 [[Nicolas Douchez]], French footballer Show more

B-day * 1961 [[Dewey Nicks]], American photographer and director Show more

B-day *[[1927]] [[Laurel Aitken]], Cuban-Jamaican singer (d. 2005) Show more

B-day * 1983 [[Vangelis Mantzios]], Greek footballer Show more

B-day *[[1984]] [[Amelle Berrabah]], English singer-songwriter Show more

B-day * 1938 [[Adam Raphael]], English journalist and author Show more

B-day * 1939 [[Ray Guy (humorist)|Ray Guy]], Canadian journalist and author (d. 2013) Show more

B-day *[[1952]] [[François Berléand]], French actor Show more

B-day * 1972 [[Willie Robertson]], American hunter and businessman Show more

B-day * 1931 [[Ronald Hynd]], English dancer and choreographer Show more

B-day * 1976 [[Michał Żewłakow]], Polish footballer Show more

B-day *[[1673]] [[Wilhelmine Amalia of Brunswick-Lüneburg]] (d. 1742) Show more

B-day *[[1975]] [[Danyon Loader]], New Zealand swimmer Show more

B-day * 1965 [[Fiona Kelleghan]], American academic, critic and librarian Show more

B-day * 1957 [[Jesse Orosco]], American baseball player Show more

B-day *[[1935]] [[Charles Grodin]], American actor and talk show host Show more

B-day *[[1947]] [[Al Bumbry]], American baseball player Show more

B-day *[[1924]] [[Ira Louvin]], American singer-songwriter and mandolin player (d. 1965) Show more

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