B-day *[[1958]] [[Pierre Berbizier]], French rugby player and coach Show more

B-day *[[1631]] [[Gauharara Begum]], Mughal princess (d. 1706) Show more

B-day *[[1976]] [[Scott Adkins]], English actor and martial artist Show more

B-day * 1964 [[Michael Gross (swimmer)|Michael Gross]], German swimmer Show more

B-day *[[1949]] [[Snakefinger]], English singer-songwriter and guitarist (d. 1987) Show more

B-day * 1947 [[Gregg Rolie]], American rock singer-songwriter and keyboard player Show more

B-day *[[1940]] [[George Akerlof]], American economist and academic, [[Nobel Prize in Economics|Nobel Prize]] laureate Show more

*[[1987]] With the death of the last individual of the species, the [[dusky seaside sparrow]] becomes extinct. Show more

B-day * 1947 [[Linda Chavez]], American journalist and author Show more

B-day * 1980 [[Jeph Jacques]], American author and illustrator Show more

B-day *[[1898]] [[M. C. Escher]], Dutch illustrator (d. 1972) Show more

B-day *[[1963]] [[The Sandman (wrestler)|The Sandman]], American wrestler Show more

B-day *[[1866]] [[Germanos Karavangelis]], Greek-Austrian metropolitan (d. 1935) Show more

*[[1948]] Members of the [[Malayan Communist Party]] kill three British plantation managers in [[Sungai Siput]]; in response, [[British Malaya]] declares [[Malayan Emergency|a state of emergency]]. Show more

B-day *[[1902]] [[Barbara McClintock]], American geneticist and academic, [[Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine|Nobel Prize]] laureate (d. 1992) Show more

B-day *[[1591]] [[Joseph Solomon Delmedigo]], Greek-Italian physician, mathematician, and theorist (d. 1655) Show more

B-day * 1981 [[Miguel Villalta]], Peruvian footballer Show more

*[[1955]] In a futile effort to topple Argentine President [[Juan Perón]], rogue aircraft pilots of the [[Argentine Navy]] [[Bombing of Plaza de Mayo|drop several bombs]] upon an unarmed crowd demonstrating in favor of Perón in [[Buenos Aires]], killing 364 and injuring at least 800. At the same time on the ground, some soldiers attempt to stage a coup but are suppressed by loyal forces. Show more

* [[632]] [[Yazdegerd III]] ascends to the throne as king (''[[shah]]'') of the [[Sasanian Empire|Persian Empire]]. He becomes the last ruler of the [[Sasanian family tree|Sasanian dynasty]] (modern [[Iran]]). Show more

B-day * 1947 [[Tom Wyner]], English-American voice actor, director, producer, and screenwriter Show more

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