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Robert Kennedy Jr. nails it - fact check him...

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RFKjr preparing to speak at Italian protest

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RE: the attempts to impune my motives for speaking out, this does not bother me. It means that they cannot successfully challenge what I am saying. My motives are simple- I am pissed off by the lies, distruction of the tech I invented and my profession as a vaccinologist.

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This is absolutely appalling.. double fenced electrified Quarantine facilities been built in Queensland Australia to hold the unvaccinated.

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Pfizer-injured pro mountain biker Kyle Warner says 6 people have committed suicide in the past month who’ve been adversely affected by the vaccine.

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Yesterday Pfizer CEO Said People Who "Spread Misinformation" About Their Products Are Criminals...

We Know Who The Real Criminals Are... 👇

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Bayer executive admits in public that mRNAs are gene therapies & that without the pandemic, no one would have been willing to have them injected

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A lot of people are forgetting what biggest strength used to be. Privacy, the main trait that got it going and being used as an actual currency in the first place in the early years.

is here to finish what Satoshi started.

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Some vaggzine - alreaady 100% of the ICU patients are now vaggzinated - just like all the real-world data foretold:

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The media reports it as “a small group of protestors”.

The reality from the Netherlands today.

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Just look at the size of the protest against vaccine passports in Milan today. 🇮🇹

Every week, more and more people are protesting all over the world against vaccine passports. And every week, the media continues to ignore it.

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Had a video ever aged so well in modern history? @chrissaccoccia1

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When did the Hippocratic oath change from “first do no harm“ to “do whatever Pfizer commands”?

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I'm not allowed to see my husband in the hospital unless I'm double vaxxed.

He has a brain tumor.

This is coercion of the worst kind.
It's criminal.

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