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Mind blown. Just found out about this "font" that takes advantage of subpixel rendering to be absurdly small:

(Quotes added since the color information is critical; i.e., it's not simply an outline like typical typefaces.)

"What are you celebrating?"

"Another sunrise, another sunset, the moon, my friends and steady employment."

"Those are some really mundane things to bother celebrating."

"But can you imagine a life without?"

"I... can. And it's not great."

"Would you like to join the revelries?"

"Just soda, please."

"Certainly. Cheers, to what we have! May we keep it as long as we need it, or gain it if we're lacking, and help others find it whenever possible."

#tootfic #microfiction #writing #terylstales

In 2018, I:

* learned webpack
* gave a NICAR lightning talk
* entered the fediverse
* visited Beijing
* became a shop steward
* found out I'll be a dad
* moved to a bigger apartment
* learned to make puff pastry

Here's to a full and bright 2019!

Believe in young people.
Invest in young people.
Mentor young people.
Teach young people.
Learn from young people.
Listen to young people.
Support young people.
Inspire young people.
Follow young people.

essay about software 

Our @pixelfed Docker images have been updated to include the bind-key rotation updates


This is a big deal for deniability and safety here.

Please, please update.

Another Year of Tedium: The state of our Tedium in 2019 is a pivotal one if you love the idea of creating things online. Let’s talk about why—and what we can do to keep it safe.

#longreads #history

Good points in this article about data and all that shapes its context to not actually be "raw" as implied.

The "Earthrise" photo is 50 years old today.

Just imagine seeing the first color photo of our planet back then. Before that there were maps and illustrations, and then black and white images. This was the first time people had seen that blue against the black.

Holiday travel prep as told by my wife:
"[] just knocked your toiletries bag over and would very much like some beef jerky."

Excellent, detailed post from bunnie Huang about testing in (electronic) hardware production lines, including pitfalls and a tool to help configure test jigs:

Hot take: CSS is a fundamental web language and if you cannot write it, you are simply not a web developer. Sorry!

« Every alternative to the mainstream, no matter how small its community, demonstrates that another world is possible. Every alternative demonstrates new possibilities, which can be adopted piece-meal by others. Small scale isn’t a liability, here: the stakes are low, and so experimentation is possible. »

This is a mantra I need to keep repeating to myself. I'm so trained in big computing, I need to keep reminding myself: Make it open-ended. Keep it simple. Low barrier to entry. Replaceable.

Every year, we participate in a developer survey to get an idea of how we can best serve you. This year, not only will your response help Mozilla, our survey partner (SlashData) is donating money to the Raspberry Pi Foundation.

Answer here: tweeted by @MozDevNet

The fundamental problem with platforms is that you're working with someone else's business plan, and that plan doesn't match your output or use case unless you have a literal contract with them

I'm seeing a lot of hurt, upset, and angst out there this evening. And honestly, I'm not sure if I can really say or do anything to help anyone.

So please just remember that you're a lovely bundle of stardust and sunlight, and that no matter what you're feeling right now, you are valid. I hope your rainclouds pass quietly and quickly. ☀️

In the meantime, here is a cat sleeping in a flowerpot. I hope it makes you smile. 💚

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