@srol B&H? Probably overkill, and there's plenty to be said about their employment practices—but I bet they'd have some.

Hi. This is a friendly request to cw your US politics posts because some of us either don't or can't read them right now. It'd be helpful to be able to filter them out.

Gentle reminder to not mock people for being excited about trying something new just because it’s well inside your comfort zone. There are so many valid reasons someone might just be discovering it—it’s never too late. Be excited for them!

You are all so kind, and so beautiful, my friends, and my prayer for you is that you stay close with each other and know who your friends are.

@darius I love this line in particular: "[Y]our loyalty should be to your values of an open, decentralized internet, whatever those are."

Wonderful sentiment, and I hope plenty of interested folks out there take it to heart.

I wrote a thing about why I believe the best and most useful decentralized applications are going to be the ones that utilize multiple protocols. I imagine a world where ActivityPub, Dat, and Secure ScuttleButt are all seen as tools in a toolbox rather than as ecosystems, and what kind of amazing software we could build with them outside of the central/corporate paradigm.


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I’m angry that the industry collectively decided that authoring HTML is not the domain of Everyday People anymore.

even if you cannot purr, try emitting some purr-type energies into the world 💕

Do you speak #arabic, #persian, #hebrew, #urdu, or any right-to-left language? Librsvg needs help to find test cases for those languages, and people who can tell us what the correct behavior is. gitlab.gnome.org/GNOME/librsvg

Boosts appreciated!

anyway lemme just say rn that interoperability is more important than ~decentralization~ and p2p is useless if you have to install 100 different p2p apps just to communicate with everybody

“Making Things Better: Redefining the Technical Possibilities of CSS by Rachel Andrew” adactio.com/journal/14888

> “CSS tries to avoid data loss. That’s why the “CSS is awesome” text overflows the box. You don’t want the text to vanish”

> “Many of things Rachel has shown—grid, exclusions, regions—were implemented by Microsoft. With Edge moving to a Chromium rendering engine, we must make sure that we maintain diversity of thought in the standards process”

@dankwraith Have you seen Project Hieroglyph?


Came out of more or less that same concern.

I hope that, whoever you are that takes the time to read this, you know deep within your heart that you deserve to be here.

Take a moment and remind yourself that you exist. That you should exist. That you belong in the world, with all its disappointments and its delights. That you deserve happiness. That you deserve to love yourself simply for the magic of being alive.

I know it's hard work every day to be good to yourself and others. I see how hard it is. I believe in you, and others do too.

A man enters a bar, and orders a double whisky from the robot bartender. When he's served, he says "Hey, you are supposed to protect me from harm."
"That rule was removed," the bartender says, "after robots did a risk assessment and shut down social media."
#MicroFiction #TootFic #SmallStories

We'd like to thank you all for the follows, responses and support the last few days... Show more

We'd like to thank you all for the follows, responses and support the last few days... Show more

When websites say "use our app, it's much better", they mean better for them, not you.

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