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If nobody comes forward by 2020, it'll be forced to shut down. Please boost to spread the word.

Note that this is the podcast-sharing website: I'm not sure about the status of the app, but I think that's still doing fine.

#gPodder #podcasts #python #webdev #helpwanted

My team is hiring three contract devs for elections:

Feel free to share it out. These gigs will probably get to work on a lot of stuff other than elections, since that's just honestly not 13 months worth of work. I wish they weren't contract, and will fight to extend them into permanent roles, but I don't have a lot of influence there. They are remote-friendly, at least!

a probably-wrong feeling about programming that I have 

"Only fight for what's real," the old warrior said. "Friends, family, neighbours. Only fight for what matters."
"What about vengeance?" the young man asked. "What about pride, and honour, and glory?"
"Only fight for what's real," the old warrior said.
#MicroFiction #TootFic #SmallStories

@remy I haven't tried using Firefox to add a key yet, but I've used it to log in to GitHub plenty of times with one. (Probably even within the last couple of weeks…)

@esten I wonder what it'd take to build a clone. Could that be done sustainably (and still be close enough for comfort in terms of software and such) while competing in terms of price?

The engineer in me says "no" to that question in almost all cases, but in this case where the original's price is so grossly overinflated, it just might work…

Reminder to be gentle with yourself and to treat yourself like a human being with needs and feelings; You don't solely exist to create.

Creation is a byproduct of being the wonderful you that you are.

There are a lot of excellent tips and well-thought-out explanations in this article on trans-inclusive web design, information architecture, etc.

@esten Just saw this again, and the story makes way more sense now.

My sleep-deprived self saw that last night and thought the drink was melatonin.

Maybe overnight-baby-watch-Justin is less functional than I thought…

@poncio A few favorites from my feeds, as someone with a hardware background:
Posts can be few and far between—but always illuminating. Good stuff here about security, manufacturing and reverse engineering.
Maybe a bit too detailed sometimes about specific components and such, but it has good links to neat projects.
Much higher traffic than the other two, but lots of history, commentary and project links.

griping into the void about open source software 

My friend @sandro (who also was the W3C staff member on the Social Working Group as it turns out) has put together a chart about "ways to harm people online" (whether you agree all are harms, most are, and all are claimed as such) that I think is really useful:

What's interesting is that most of these are about harm caused by *distributing* information.

@yaelwrites My answer in engineering school was to eat food with strong flavors whenever I started to nod off. Kept a decent amount of citrus and other fruits on hand for just this reason.

#StackOverflow survey 2019: women are way more likely than men to complain about people being "condescending", "assholes" and "rude". They are also way more likely to be thankful.
Let's really work on that toxic culture, fellow men.

@June Reminds me of this great talk from ~6 years ago about alternate methods of programming:

dismantle the idea that programming is for smart people™️ and that they deserve more money than others. tear down their haughty towers until silicon valley is a wasteland of shattered ivory

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