@proto @arieleon yeah I only do non-UI linux systems. I usually go with Debian.

@HopperUsher Sounds awesome! I have done some research on ants in the past, and even though it sounds boring, collecting the data and being out in the field is so much fun!

@proto @arieleon Haven't tried it, will take a look though. I am using Honest Amish and get amazing results!

@marshallk Congrats for the acquisition btw! I know how hard it is, since I am working on a startup as well! Kudos!

@OldandConfused Very impressive :) AR and VR are the future, so you are on the right path!

I 'll start: Computer Science PhD candidate at the Electronic Visualization Laboratory, University of Illinois at Chicago. Working on all things Augmented. Founder at SpiderSense (www.spider-sense.com), working on a wearable tactile jacket for the blind. More info about me here: www.vmateevitsi.com

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Hi! Reply here with who you are and what you are working on, so we can e-meet!

Haven't found any IRL friend yet, but I see people in here are very chatty! That's awesome!

@arieleon You need a comb, a boar brush and some beard balm. I use honest amish.

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