Hi! Reply here with who you are and what you are working on, so we can e-meet!

I 'll start: Computer Science PhD candidate at the Electronic Visualization Laboratory, University of Illinois at Chicago. Working on all things Augmented. Founder at SpiderSense (, working on a wearable tactile jacket for the blind. More info about me here:

@mvictoras Hi! I am studying at the UM School of Information. I'm part-time, so I get the liberty of mostly screwing around on wearable art/electronics projects and trying to come up with a way to make data not only accessible but also useful to non-scientists.

@mvictoras I am not a PhD candidate. Occasionally cover AR and VR, but mostly video games. Work in a soul-sucking IT cubefarm, and have not founded anything. As a result, I have no website. I do, however, write on other people's websites.

@OldandConfused Very impressive :) AR and VR are the future, so you are on the right path!

¡Buenas Victor! yo también me llamo Víctor (aunque con tilde " í "), soy filósofo, vivo en Buenos Aires, trabajo sobre ética, sexualidad, y en un sentido amplio, constructos conceptuales de la locura.

@mvictoras Hi Victor! I'm working on all things ML/AI for medicine, including voice/text interfaces, image classification, diagnosis, treatment, optimization, and hospital analytics at DiagnosiaAI.

@mvictoras i'm a product director at Sprinklr, on the influencer discovery and research product, which is based on my startup that was recently acquired. I'm working on articulating the specifics on product vision for integration with the larger platform.

@marshallk @mvictoras Congrats! Somehow I missed that Little Bird was acquired.

@spara @mvictoras thanks! it's going pretty darned well! Cheers to you

@spara no, just enjoying the feeling of a new social network.

@marshallk Congrats for the acquisition btw! I know how hard it is, since I am working on a startup as well! Kudos!

@mvictoras hi there! I'm a digital media strategist for an online media startup for millennials and gen z, soon to be pursuing a masters degree in marketing and Univ. Of Manchester, UK. Working on my marketing capabilities (i'm a comp sci grad) and being open to startup experience myself, so we'll see if I could perhaps start something after I graduate.

@mvictoras Sam Smith here, working on a 2nd B.S. (this one in IT) and gathering education resources. This is pretty bare bones, but you have to start somewhere!

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