This makes a lot of sense considering they were already moving forward with making Wordpress and Tumblr using the same background tech. Automattic might seem slow compared to the rest of the tech companies, but they’re coming really strong.

I’m not a fan but it may be nice to notice for fans that they can use or spotlight to quickly reach live scores, standings etc.

I use to get product/service support a lot. Because complaining on Twitter works better and way easier than writing an email or calling them. I hope we’ll see some companies comes to too. Mastodon would be even better also for companies since this is an open app and protocol that they can freely automatize and integrate within their systems.

The <img> element now supports lazy-loading, async decoding, Priority Hints and more. I wrote about some of them for the StackOverflow blog:

Helpful if optimizing UX & performance.


7,002,092 accounts
+10,020 in the last hour
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+472,689 in the last week

Oh. My. God.

Every time someone on Twitter tweets a link to, the following message pops up:

"We can't complete this request because this link has been identified by Twitter or our partners as being potentially harmful. Visit our Help Center to learn more."

See screenshot.

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6,970,042 accounts
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If Interop 2022 was giving our grades (like in school), Safari Technology Preview just earned straight As.

I can only access #mastodon from #Turkey via #VPN at the moment. This is something that I will investigate and if there is a blocking decision involving mastodon or related IP addresses, I will take legal action on this issue.

We are extremely proud of the work accomplished at #W3C in the Social Web group, culminating in 2018 in the release of the #ActivityPub standard, a notable implementation of which is... #mastodon !
We are also humbled and inspired by the energy that we are seeing on the Fediverse, the good will, how constructive and helpful discourse embodies truly social interactions.

shout out to the enablers: @evan @cwebber @rhiaro @erincandescent @tsyesika @Annbass @lehors

Automattic is one of the most important companies on the Internet.

They make Tumblr, WooCommerce, Amismet, LongReads, WordPress—among others.

WordPress alone powers ~44% of the world's websites.

More interesting: despite being such a large, dominant company, few people hate Automattic.

Why is this? 🧵

Hey there, Admin of the Internet Archive Mastodon here. I've seen some people speculate/rumor that the Archive's mastodon instance is set up to be an involuntary vacuum spot for all toots passing back into the Wayback, and it is NOT that. Any archiving of toots would be some other project (and outside my knowledge) but the Internet Archive Mastodon is just another instance, doing the mastodon thing. Communicate with us at will.

Another design consideration re: Mastodon is that it works well for ephemeral asynchronous communications, but for many reasons should not be counted on as an archival resource. Media attachments are periodically purged and may not be available after a week, or a month, etc. While some servers may try to preserve content forever, this may be costly and unsustainable. Creators, researchers should treat this as an ephemeral resource and make provisions for self-archiving anything important.

About an hour ago there was an explosion in İstiklal Street, #Istanbul. According to the early information and images there were several casualties and likely a bomb dropped in a bag.

But right now we can’t have more information because government media watchdog banned any news about it and according to my OONI Probe test results from couple mins ago, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube access is blocked in #Turkey.

I feel resource requirements of is an important topic for others’ joining here. Everyday I read posts about how a viral post of theirs effected their servers and they needed to pay more and more for their servers.

We are used to have peace of mind about the cost of being viral in current centralized social media. If being viral costs a lot, this will not be acceptable for indie content creators. We need more optimized Mastodon as well as more affordable hosting services.

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