reminder: being entirely devoted to leftism or rightism is almost certainly a sign of delusion and low neuroplasticity. create your own franken-alignment by mixing and matching the best parts of every political system you can get your hands on

neogeo games have this kind of unreal quality to them. like some of them look... fake? like they look like the kind of fake video game youd see in a really good music video as a clever nod to the olden days of gaming or something


the only way to get faves on mastodon is to talk about mastodon.

mastodon needs more core updates more often. that's the only way to ensure it'll keep on going

*anything at all abnormal happens on my computer*

me: i'm being hacked

you ever just observe someone from afar and become 100% positive that they are an incredibly dangerous and foul person? like they just sort of have an aura that greatly disturbs you, which you can notice at a cursory glance, warning you to stay far away

funny enough, i think blender is a lot more user-friendly than maya.

why would anyone still use irc when discord/slack exists

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