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I don’t know who needs to hear this but:

If you are at a place where you see your past mistakes, it’s a sign of growth. No need to give your past self a hard time about it.


I was very wrong and @ivory does have Timeline Sync (figured out the name), but theirs doesn’t seem to work between my phone and tablet.

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What is the app feature where apps remember where I am in the timeline? @icecubesapp and Mastoot @libei have this, but it doesn’t seem like @ivory does. Are there implementations that hold my position across my iPhone, iPad, and Mac?

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Project management software tools: can’t live with them, gantt live without them

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The effect of Substack throwing up a modal to subscribe the moment I scroll on an article makes me rage close the tab, not subscribe.

Make better user-centric decisions than this.

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I’m in a doctors office waiting room with a kiosk. When you enter it says go to kiosk to get a ticket with a number. You touch the kiosk just to get a number printed. When it’s your turn, a voice says “serving X at window Y” just like the DMV (except the sloth is on intercom duty because holy crap is that voice slow).

This is an office that sits empty most of the week. There’s no one else here, and when you press a button for the ticket the voice starts calling it before the printer even finishes.

I’m explaining this because this is a system very clearly designed for the worst case scenario that almost completely discards the most common scenario. And a lot of systems do that, please make sure yours doesn’t. Could the kiosk screen simply say “go to window” when there’s no queue and it knows it’s going to call the number immediately? Well yes, but no one cared enough about the common case.

As always, step 1: care. Without that, step 2 doesn’t matter.

Some pictures from a walk around Westwood Lake in Nanaimo. The dog over the water and sunny blue sky was a great combination.

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I have no idea what to do when instructed to “swipe left.” Should I swipe in FROM the left or swipe TOWARDS the left?

“Swipe left” is like plugging in a USB-A cable—I always seem to guess wrong on the first try.

Still recovering from a terrible flu, but felt I should get out for a ride. It was hard and my heart rate easily spiked. I was left spent and tired at the end.

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