OMG. Whatsup with those Japanese people. A couple of days later and they are still spamming.

Guys. I want to start a webshop. Who has some good ideas?? Let me know🙏🏻

Am I the only one who thinks that the biggest advantage of Mastodon versus other channels it not the concept or the UI, but it is mainly their users.

We're in the good part of the web.

So.. I suggest we make sure that Mastodon doesn't grow much larger, so we can keep out all the people we don't want. Like: Little kids and businesses.

Who else has that some of their notifications dissapear?

Lol. I am looking outside and thought: Why am i always looking at a screen (laptop/mobile). I must look more outside :zipper_mouth:

People who follow people just to get more followers and who dare to be proud that they have 'so many' followers are like people who make their own exam and answers and then are proud that they 'passed'. Pathetic :joy:

What do you follow the most. Your local timeline or federated timelime??

Watching 'I am not your guru' by Tony Robbins. Nice!

Curios about the geolocation of the users.. where you guys come from?

I miss posting .. Like standard GIFS in Mastodon. :thinking:

What's the difference between 'local timeline' and 'federated timeline'?

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