@dajbelshaw lol I found it using your custom search. I was after this one literaci.es/she-turned-round 👍

@dajbelshaw I wrote a new post compiling my thoughts on mobile phones in school readwriterespond.com/2018/10/w I went looking for your post in attention/notifications you wrote a few years ago. Can't find it. You wouldn't have a link by any chance would you?

@[email protected] I read this situation differently. In part, it seems as if GDPR has brought this on, but it will also happen naturally whether the silos like it or not. People will build their own pipes and parsers. It feels inevitable. I think that in working together they are then able to control how this happens. Could be wrong 🤷‍♂️ (collect.readwriterespond.com/d)

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