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Aaron Davis @[email protected]

@mikecaulfield is the death of Press This! the death of the Wikity theme? Or is that utilising something else in regards to the bookmarklet?

"Press This Removed from WordPress 4.9 in Favor of a Plugin"
wptavern.com/press-this-remove mastodon.cloud/media/x9kjkCMC_

NEW POST - Laying the Standards for a Blogging Renaissance "Laying the Standards for a Blogging Renaissance - Read Write Respond"
readwriterespond.com/2017/10/3 mastodon.cloud/media/y5I73F_JO

NEW POST:Blogging the Digital Technologies Curriculum wp.me/p5vNSR-US

Digital Technologies is more than just learning to code. This post re-imagines the curriculum around blogging and explores how it maybe better integrated.

HT @dajbelshaw


New post: The Anatomy of an Idea - Building a Solution One Step at a Time "The Anatomy of an Idea - Building a Solution One Step at a Time - Read Write Respond"
readwriterespond.com/2017/09/t mastodon.cloud/media/SXSo0U93S

Read Write Respond Newsletter #018 is Out Now!

May not be everyone's 'essential' reading, but I hope that it provides some stimulus for deeper discussions mastodon.cloud/media/nRFurvxWo

Just came upon Bret Victor's presentation from 1973 worrydream.com/dbx/ via @cogdog which had this gem of a quote nestled inside of it mastodon.cloud/media/mD-XRHCez